Ukrainian girl who looks like Barbie

Ukraine is a beautiful country. There you can find a picturesque nature, big cities, rich history and substantial intellectual potential. The most important property of the state is its population. Ukraine is famous for women. Many people like to say that a typical Ukrainian woman looks like Barbie. And it is true since local girls are in the top 5 most attractive in women in the world. Also, the most beautiful women live in Kyiv. The capital is in first place among the cities where the most beautiful women can be seen. However, it is essential to make some aspects of Ukrainian beauty more clear.

Ukrainian women in beauty contests

It is worth to say that Ukrainian women have never won first place in the Miss Universe contest. The most successful performance was in 2011 when Olesya Stefanko recognized to be the second beauty. In 2014, Diana Garkusha took third place. According to the logic of things, it would seem that if Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world, then they must take first places in beauty contests, but Venezuela is the leader in this indicator.

And in second place are women from England, India and Jamaica. Girls from these countries won the competition five times. So what’s the catch? Why are Ukrainian women considered the most beautiful? Most likely the explanation lies in the density. That is, 70-80 out of 100 women can be regarded as beautiful. And this number is less in countries that occupy the first places in beauty contests.

Some more statistics

The age category from 15 to 65 years is specially selected in the statistical data. At the age of 15, girls start to look better, and at 65, some of them can still be attractive to men. That is, it is women who walk the streets, visit cafes, theaters, work and other public places where men accompany them with an appraising glance. If we take the percentage ratio between the male and female population, it turns out that in Jamaica there are several times more men, in Venezuela equally, in India, there are 30 million more men, and in Great Britain, there are 1 million more men. However, in Ukraine, there are 4 million more women.

But here the logical series are also violated. In theory, if in Ukraine there are 16.5 million women between the ages of 15 and 65, and in India, there are 429 million, then there should be much more beauties in the last country. But things are different. If you walk along Khreshchatyk in Kiev, then every second and even first oncoming girl will seem like Barbie. And if you walk along the bustling streets of Mumbai, you will surely meet these girls, but not every second will look as impressive as a Kiev woman. The same can be said about other large Ukrainian cities like Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, and so on. So many Ukrainian women look like Barbie there.

Valeria Lukyanova

Everyone has his path to fame, but usually, it is thorny and not covered with roses. For some people, happiness is to create something for society, and for others, it is to decorate the planet with his or her appearance. Live Barbie Valeria Lukyanova belongs to the second type of people. People react ambiguously to her appearance: some call her insane, and others admire her. But Valeria has achieved the result – there is simply no indifference to her personality. The images of Valeria Lukyanova, which is also called “Odessa Barbie,” get changed with the speed of light and sound.

Because of her doll face and miniature figurine, the girl has gained incredible popularity, which has already gone beyond Ukraine. Her life goal is to make her body and appearance as perfect as possible. She focuses only on herself, devotes almost all her free time to herself, meditates a lot, and studies esotericism. All our habits come from childhood, and of course, it is not difficult to guess with which dolls little Lera was playing. Today’s outfits of lively “Barbie” also resemble those in which the favorite toy of all the girls in the world is dressed.

Where to find Ukrainian girl that looks like a Barbie doll

In order to admire or to get acquainted with the Ukrainian beauties, you should go to different cities. Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, and Lviv can be called to be the best cities for this goal. You can find beauties in any settlements of Ukraine, just the chance to meet them in a big city is much higher.


In Kiev, you should explore the city center. There is always heavy traffic in Khreshchatyk and the streets adjacent to it. The best time for dating is to pick up a day from April to September because the weather is warm, and the girls are not hurrying to hide from the cold. And the best time of day is from 4-5 to 8-9 in the evening because the streets are the busiest in this interval. Also for dating, shopping malls, nightclubs and other public places are perfect.


In Kharkov, the best place to explore is the center. You should focus on Sumskaya and Pushkinskaya streets, as well as at the metro stations “Historical Museum,” “Constitution Square,” “University.” During the daytime, the streets are filled with young people, including beautiful girls. Metro is also a great place because there are many universities in the city and there is a constant movement. Most beauties can be found at the station “Historical Museum.”

In addition, there are two parks in Kharkov where you should go. These are Shevchenko and Gorky Park. In winter, there is nothing to do there, but from mid-April until the end of September, you can organize excellent gatherings. Students love to gather there. Most of the women love to go to karaoke there. In the city, there are several similar institutions. Moreover, shopping malls and nightclubs are perfectly suited.


Odessa is a resort city. There are not only Ukrainian women but also foreigners. However, in general, there are much more Ukrainian girls. The best season for dating is from May to October. The best place for dating will be the shopping center “Riviera,” “Panorama,” and “Europe”. Beaches “Arcadia” and “Treasure Island”, as well as the main streets, clubs, restaurants and karaoke are also good for finding a Ukrainian girl who looks like Barbie. In the summer season, the places are crowded with Ukrainian beauties.


According to the data of 2019, 721 thousand people live there. But this is a very beautiful old city, which is a tourist center not only for Ukrainians but also for neighboring countries. There is a huge amount of sexy Ukrainian girls. There is no division into seasons. In winter, it is full of tourists who wants to see the city or stop for a while and then go to one of the tourist centers of Western Ukraine.

On weekends, especially in summer, the streets of the city are crowded with people. There are a lot of beautiful girls. Most of them are collected in the center. In this part of the town, the authorities block the traffic so that tourists can enjoy the local beauties and attractions without any obstacles. The atmosphere is like an eternal holiday. And all the beauties you meet there will be happy to start a conversation with you.

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