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Nowadays an international marriage does not surprise anyone. Borders do not matter as much as before. Lots of people can boast having accessors from different nations. In a way, it enriches us as we become more tolerant and understanding.

If you have always fancied Latin American beauties or Asian girls, it is very easy to meet them in the real life. The first thing to start with is just to log on the net and create a profile at the dating site.

If you still do not have a strong preference about the nationality of your future wife, you should consider dating a Ukrainian beauty. Ukrainian ladies have been enjoying the popularity among the foreign men for years.

And there is a number of reasons for it! When thinking about a perfect match, what picture comes to your mind? Most of men dream about “everything-in-one variant”.

They would love to have a hot girl in the bedroom, a humble lady in public, a perfect mother and an excellent chef in the kitchen. Of course, such combo is really rare to get, but in the case with Ukrainian girls, it is more likely to happen.

What are Ukrainian Girls Like

Ukrainian women have always been distinguished not only by the beauty, but also by the ability to create the comfort and harmony in the family. Most of European and American women put their careers and other interests to the top. It is rare to find a foreign woman for whom family values are above everything.

In Ukraine, a girl who by the age of 27-30 has not got a husband and at least one child is considered to be abnormal somehow. While in most European countries at this age, girls only graduate from colleges and universities and seek to build a career first, and then, closer to being 40, they start thinking about the family.

Due to this fact Ukrainian women get another point on their account. In addition, Ukrainians are ready to spend as much time with a child as needed, without requiring a nanny or a housekeeper to help, not to mention involving the husband into taking care of a baby at night.

These ladies are great mothers but they are also nice daughters to their parents. Family ties mean much here. So, if you start dating with a girl from Ukraine, be ready that soon you will be introduced to her family, especially to mom. Parents’ opinion about the future husband for their daughter is very significant.

The most important thing that attracts foreign men in Ukrainian women is the feeling next to this woman. Ability to get out of difficult situations, to solve serious problems, to lead a man to success are the qualities that help Ukrainian women to survive even in the most difficult circumstances.

Men are delighted with their support, the ability to admire a man, care and love him. Everyone at least once in a life wants to feel like a hero, and Ukrainian women allow you to do it. In Ukraine the number of women prevails over men.

This difference has become more noticeable in the last years because many young guys either migrated to other countries in search for a better life or died in the war. The remaining young men have a great variety of choice before them. At the same time, the prospective foreign groom is not so much spoiled by the beauty of women as local boyfriends.

Therefore, he will appreciate a Ukrainian bride, and she will surround him with her warmth and care. She will love him, even if he gained extra pounds, because he chose her from a million others and took her to a distant country, and all her girlfriends will retell the love story of their Ukrainian friend and a foreigner to their colleagues. 

In addition, they are not likely to cheat on you. If speaking about the intimate relations, these girls cannot be called indifferent and cold. Though, defining sex as a basic vital need and a source of a good mood and health, the majority of Ukrainian girls put forward very high requirements to sexual relations: unity with a man for them is not so much a physical, but a spiritual act of achieving integrity, the experience of being in it entirely. It is noteworthy that many girls prefer older men, considering the normal age difference of 8-10 years or more.

They expect from a partner maturity, responsibility, wisdom and, of course, loyalty. At the same time, the financial position of the partner is not of the first priority. Most of the girls would prefer financial stability and love to riches. They want a loving family, not a cage with golden bars.

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There is even a joke that Ukrainian girls are used to working like horses but at the same time they look like carefree singing birds.  That’s why when you go for a date with this girl, you should open doors for her, give her a hand when she gets out of the car. Bring a bunch of flowers or a long-stern rose with you.

Ukrainian ladies will not insist on paying for the dinner 50/50 because they think you are a gentleman and such offer will humiliate you. And what is even more pleasant, they know how to show up. For a woman, her looks is a daily work. And Ukrainian women can cope with this tough task.

Foreigners are surprised to see girls and women, who in the bitter cold and in the oppressive heat manage to look as if they are dressed up for the cover of a glossy magazine. It is not a problem for them to wake up an hour earlier to do a hairstyle and make-up.

Unfortunately, public opinion still matters much for them, that’s why Ukrainians devote lots of their time to the outfit and appearance. And what is interesting about these girls is that they do not smile for any reason and tell to a stranger “how are you?” despite having a great sense of humor.

These women are more reserved. A smile can be considered as flirting. It is in their culture. In general, you know already the answer to the question: what are Ukrainian women like?”, but at the same time you may still wonder how to win a heart of a girl from Ukraine.

The best advice is just to be “A Man” in the full meaning of this notion. Some women say that Ukrainian men are not strong and spoiled by the women’s attention. This is only an opinion that cannot be taken for granted. But it is sure that you won’t lose anything if you behave like a real man who is stronger than woman and can take a responsibility for her.

These girls also like men who are useful in the household. If you know how to fix a dripping tap or if you can cook a decent dinner, we can congratulate you: your chances have grown up. But most of all they dream about being loved and cared just like any other women in this world.

Though, many of these ideas may turn out just a stereotype. All people are different. You can meet a feministic girl who wants to be equal with you, as well as you can meet a girl from Ukraine who has no idea about cooking.

Of course, there is still such a thing as a national mentality, but keep in mind that every girl you meet is a personality. They have different life experience, family background, temperament and so on. That’s why you cannot expect any Ukrainian girl to behave same. Try to find your kind of person, your soulmate. We wish you to be truly happy with your Ukrainian love!

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