What Ukrainian women think of American women


Businesswomen who look perfectly athletic and respectable in their strict trouser suits can be counted as a positive image. Ukrainian women are sure that these ladies are the real elite of America with high education and a sense of self-love. Business ladies differ in self-organization, dedication, and the environment determines success in life. Ukrainian women know that to rotate in such circles, you need to keep yourself in tone, play sports, and dress well. Such women can be seen on central streets and business centers of large cities, in Manhattan and downtown Los Angeles.

What Ukrainan women think of American women Businesswomen

Young beauties

Young and unmarried girls often represent the style of Baby Doll. In the image of Ukrainian women, it is undoubtedly a pink style that emphasizes female attractiveness and youth. A striking example of this image is Paris Hilton or some other socialite. Most likely it is dyed blonde-haired people with long straight hair. Such girls often want to be a “trophy woman.” These are ideal women who sometimes achieve success not due to their professional qualities. They imagine that such a woman has an older husband, and he is necessarily rich. Such an ideal wife is needed for such a rich husband as confirmation of his status. To maintain the image of a perfect woman or wife, these girls spend all their time making themselves more beautiful. Such women do not have enough time to work. Moreover, they just do not need to do this because they already have a job in the form of status for their successful husband.


Ukrainians are sure that it is much easier to have children in the USA than in Russia or Ukraine. There is even a separate type of women which are called “soccer moms.” Usually, they are housewife, and they have at least one child. But in most cases, they have an entire football team of children. Ukrainian girls think that such a mother is dedicated to children all day long. They imagine how this mother takes her children to school every morning in a minivan, and after lunch takes them out and carries to football fields. Such mothers are very successful in life, and they do not have time to grow fat. Taking care of children does not interfere with looking very biased. Probably they have such an image of American women because of an example of such mothers on American TV shows.  

Wealthy women

Wealthy American women differ from poorest people not in their manners and expensive clothes, but their state of health. Ukrainian are sure that the rich women in the United States have a thinner waist because it is clear that In the US, people are not accustomed to spending most of their salaries on food. They know that American women can buy higher quality or ecological food that are free from growth hormones. Such women are obsessed with healthy eating, gym, yoga, and generally healthy lifestyle.

Negative images of American women

Now let’s list the negative perceptions of American women. Of course, there are many such women not only in the USA but also in any other country in the world.


The only negative image of American women is presented in untidiness. Ukrainian know that there are women in the United States who do not care for themselves. If in Europe, they are feminists who want to imitate men in everything, including the right to be neglected, whereas in the United States it is merely untidiness without feminism and women’s rights. The so-called style of Wash & go is the first negative image of American ladies in the eyes of Ukrainian girls. And such women should not be necessarily overweight. Such women do not see the point in caring for themselves. They are just too lazy to be beautiful and elegant. Moreover, in most cases, when the excess weight completely defeats the person, it can be successfully disguised by wearing shapeless clothing. Donut woman is a clear example of a person who does not look after herself due to overweight problems.

What Ukrainian women think of American women. Negative images

To conclude, Ukrainians are sure that the USA is one of the most religious countries in the world. Hollywood films sometimes show the unequivocal attitude of Americans towards religion or God. However, Ukrainians do not let these films to mislead them. They know that the United States was raised in Puritan style. Many families, as in the 19th century, attend church every Sunday. Religiosity makes typical modern American women very restrained. The United States comprises some features of a class society. If in Europe or Great Britain class society refers only to the families of lords, when the position in society depends on the family in which the person was born, then in the US, class society is a relationship with money. If you have money, you can be ranked and accepted by the high community, regardless of the family, you were born. The same applies to women who may be from high society.

Ukrainian women pay much more attention to their appearance. For an American girl, self-development and inner beauty is more important than their appearance. For Ukrainians, inner beauty is impossible without outer beauty. Ukrainian girls will wear all the best they have even when they go to the shop! And they will diligently repaint nails before going out to people if they notice even tiny chipping of lacquer.

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