Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls

Even though the Ukrainian and Russian peoples are considered closely related, their ethnic psychology is significantly different. These two countries have especially pronounced differences in the female half of the population. Moreover, Ukrainians and Russians differ from each other both in the type of beauty and in the whole set of psychological traits that define such a concept as “the face and character of a nation”. So, let’s compare Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls.

Ukrainian women vs Russian women

External differences

Ukrainian and Russian women have some differences in appearance. They are caused by the origin, as well as genetic mixing with the peoples living in the neighborhood. The beauty of the Russian woman is similar to the northern nationalities. They are usually caleld Finno-Baltic type. They have blond hair (light blond) and blue / gray / green eyes. The eyes are regular, but smaller concerning the nature of southern beauties, sophisticated features.

russian and ukrainian girls / Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls

Ukrainian women, on the contrary, are more like southerners. Their facial features are larger and more expressive than those of Russians. Bright contrasts prevail in shades of eyes, skin, and hair: chestnut or stinging black hair (almost no natural blonde women), thick black eyebrows with light skin, black, brown or rich green eyes.

Ukrainian women vs Russian women

If the beauty of a Russian woman can be compared to a crystal-cold winter or a shy early spring, then the beauty of a Ukrainian woman is undoubtedly the height of August, the very sun. Each of these types is good in its way. Regarding the answer to the question, which is better, here, as they say, who likes what.

National character

Just like the appearance, the characteristics of the Russian and Ukrainian women are different. The first is more restrained, flexible and patient. She forgives a lot to her man and in some cases is ready “to stop the horse and to enter the burning hut.” In the character of a Russian woman, the traces of house building norms that have been hammering in for centuries have been preserved for a long time, so the habit of being in the family “on the sidelines” is quite natural for many Russians.

Ukrainians have a more rebellious, obstinate and freedom-loving nature, due to the strong influence of the cult of the Mother Goddess. It was distributed in the territories that are now occupied by modern Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. A Ukrainian woman is less inclined to forgive a man for his imperfections and is always ready to defend her rights in a heated argument.

Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky, for example, of the end of the XIX century beautifully describes intra-family relations of a typical Ukrainian family, in the story “The Kaidashev Family.” The writer perfectly captured the relationship between relatives and the role of women in them. Ukrainians rarely allow themselves to be driven into the position of the victim, more often they scandal and defend themselves more actively.

Divorce statistics

According to Wiki divorce statistics these differences in national characters. In Russia in 2012, 1213598 marriage unions accounted for 644101 divorces, which is 53% of the complete number of relational unions. In Ukraine, in a similar period, 278,356 relational unions were concluded, of which 169,797 separated, and this is now 61%. Indeed, even with the consistent increment in the number of separations in the two nations, the number of detachments in Ukraine is 8% higher.

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For examination, similar markers in different nations: Canada 48%, USA 46%, Great Britain 42%, France 38%, Japan under 27%. Such an abnormal state of separations in Russia and Ukraine is expected, as a matter of first importance, to the physical issues and drunkenness of her husband, with whom Russian women are willing to put up more than Ukrainians.

In the third and fourth places are sexual incompatibility and cheating of the spouses. While Russians usually blame the husband for treason (75% of those who cheated were men), then among Ukrainians, the percentage of the perpetrators were divided approximately equally by the spouses (by 58% of cheaters – 42% of cheaters).

This confirms the hotter temperament of Ukrainian women, and their more voluntary, matriarchal views. For the Russian woman, who is much more ready for sacrifice, the first place is the preservation of the family. She often relegates her happiness to the background.


The Great Russian girl almost always weaves only one braid, unlike married women who braid their hair in two braids. It is extremely rare for Great Russian girls to find a hairstyle with two twists. On the contrary, in western Ukraine, in Kiev, a girlish hairstyle with one braid does not occur. It happens only with two braids, in the extreme west of Ukraine with four or more twists.

Ukrainians have a different upbringing than Russians. Ukrainian folk songs are not at all like Russian folk songs. In Russian songs, a considerable part is occupied by female vocals, which influenced the Russian mentality. A young voice performs male vocals in Russian folk songs. In Ukrainian songs, male vocals are shown in a stylized, low voice, which is not happening in Russian songs.

According to statistics, Ukrainian women are considered to be more beautiful then Russian women. Ukrainian girls are in the first place all over Europe. On the contrary, Russian girls are only in the third place. The difference is not so big, but it exists. But both of these nations considered to be very beautiful in America and Europe.

In the resorts of Italy and Spain, the Russian and Ukrainian language already muffles the local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt, Russians and Ukrainians have almost entirely supplanted the Germans and Italians.

For many foreigners, Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful. Foreign men dream of having an affair with Russian beauties, some later admit that a fleeting holiday romance has become almost the most exciting adventure in their lives. Some who have learned from bitter experience, on the contrary, are afraid of Russians like fire. Dating sites, like VictoriyaClub prove that wealthy foreigners marry Russian or Ukrainian girls, even if they have children.

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