Best dating sites for Ukraine

For years Slavic women have been enjoying great popularity among Western men. There is no wonder about that, as these ladies are well-mannered, easy-going and caring. If such a woman loves you deeply, she is ready to follow you round the world in her shift.

And these ladies are really attractive and know how to present themselves. Ukrainian women are great representatives of Slavic nations. Surely, it is possible to find a Ukrainian wife abroad but the chances are really low.  After all, you future love will not walk around Manhattan with a banner: “I am from Ukraine, marry me!”

online dating in Ukraine

Some men think that it is better to come to Ukraine directly and find a wife. Maybe they are right somehow. But just fancy coming to Ukraine, are you really going to wander around the streets, flirting with an every girl that walks-by? Of course, not! That’s why you can try services of the best dating sites for Ukraine.

It is not easy to make a list of them as everything depends on your criteria. Some sites are free to use and some offer paid membership. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. What is the main risk of dating on-line? You risk running into a gold-digger or a scammer who will try to deprive you of your money. It is very sad, indeed.

One more point is that you are not the only one foreigner who wants to marry Ukrainian gorgeous model-looking girl. Such variety of an offer caused a great demand. That’s why it may happen so, that you will have to fight for the heart of your dream girl. It is true that the most beautiful girls on the site get lots of followers. That’s why you have to estimate your chances for success with a cold head.

TOP dating sites in Ukraine

  • VictoriyaClub.

If speaking about good dating sites, we cannot but mention this one. The site offers a number of services, including premium membership. Their services are used by the people from all over the world. You can take a look at the profiles of the girls and choose the one who matches your search criteria.

The main advantage of joining this site is that it offers a strong anti-scam policy. If you choose some Ann or Tanya from Ukraine, you can be 100% sure that you talk to this girl and not to some old man who wants to get something from you.

If you are tired of useless and endless chatting online, you should give yourself the last chance to find your love at VictoriyaClub. You can read testimonials of happy couples that met each other at this site. Do it just to be sure that the love is actually found here.

  • UkraineDate

It is another popular dating site. Here for some reasonable membership fee you can join the chat room or send letters. It is possible to exchange photos too.  At UkraineDate you can find whatever you are looking for – friendship, love, romantic affair or even a travel partner.

It is advisable to upload more photos and fill the profile thoroughly as not only you choose, girls are also choosing you. So, if you provide more information about you, it will be easier to see if you match with a girl.

One more positive side of such premium sites is that they provide translation services. Unfortunately, not all Ukrainian ladies are fluent in English or German, for example. But if you use services of the paid sites, there is no language barrier for you.


It is one of the best free services for finding your love. Though, it is originally Ukrainian site, you can choose English language and chat with someone who also can speak English. If your possible match does not know your language, well, there are a number of on-line translation programs to help you.

This site has approximately 500 000 users, counting both men and women. One of the most interesting options of the site is the technology Sphinx that makes 3D analysis of your photo and makes a search of similar-looking people. This search is rather fast and quite accurate.


It is one of the most popular sites for dating worldwide.  It is free to use. Here you can find your love that lives near-by or even on another continent. It is active in more than 190 countries all over the world.

There is an app that makes it easy to operate. You can search for People Nearby to find out who is close to you. It is great to use if you have already come to Ukraine and feel bored drinking your coffee alone somewhere in the café in Kiev. You can use Badoo to find a lady to share coffee with.

  • Facebook and Instagram

A number of social networks must be mentioned here as well. Many Ukrainians use Facebook and Instagram. You can find out a lot of information about the person after investigating photos and posts on her page. People do meet and even create families after talking in Facebook or Instagram.

But there is a risk to be misunderstood or even worse – to become a victim of a scammer. These free sites and apps do not provide any kind of security to users. So, it is all your responsibility.

How to Act on Dating Sites for Ukraine?

There are some necessary tips to follow if you want to be successful in your search.

  • Make a list of qualities and characteristics of the girl you are looking for.

You cannot get everything in one, don’t even hope. Just think of what is the most important for you to have. Do you dream of a hot lover or a family woman? Also think of what you can give to a woman in return. Be realistic!

  • Be really careful about your personal data.

Do not share any extra important personal information. Nobody can take care better of your security than you.

  • Until you meet the girl, treat her like a stranger.

Honestly, you will not send money or some expensive gifts to a complete stranger. Why then do you want to send something to a girl you have never met? Of course, it is nice to make all kinds of surprises to your better half, but it is possible if you are already in relations.

  • Be polite and watch your language.

Your photo really matters but it is even more important how you write to a person. Don’t say anything corny or vulgar. You have to produce a good impression on the lady.


Actually, it does not matter which option you choose – to join a paid site or try for free. Unfortunately, even the best sites for dating with girls from Ukraine cannot give you 100 % guarantee that you will find your love.  Even if everything is secure and you think that you match perfectly, things might not work at the real meeting. There will be no chemistry between both of you. That is life, but you must still keep trying. Good things come to those who wait and hope.

Good luck in your search!

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