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Typical Ukrainian Girl

Women from Ukraine are reputed all over the world as stunning beauties. Lots of foreign men have been coming to Ukraine in search of true love and happiness via dating sites. Let’s try to find out what makes Ukrainians so attractive in the eyes of the potential grooms and how to recognize a typical Ukrainian girl. A Ukrainian woman is a combination of bright appearance with a strong-willed character, which allows them to be confident women.

Very often foreigners are confused between Russians and Ukrainians, considering them to be the same nation only divided by the borders. That’s not right as they are different nations with huge cultural heritage. Is it possible to distinguish Russian from Ukrainian girls at first sight? Of course not! Both nations have a great mixture of blood. But still, some common patterns can be identified.

Typical facial features of Ukrainian women

Undoubtedly, both Russians and Ukrainians belong to the Slavic nations. At the same time in the central part of Russia the following phenotype dominates: medium height, medium build, fair skin, light (gray or blue) eyes, and light brown hair. The closer to the Urals, the more people with the Mongoloid eye shape can be seen.

Now, let’s take a look at the Ukrainians. The close to the East, the more people of common Slavic phenotype can be met. They are of the short stature, heavy build, with light skin, eyes and hair. But if you go farther to the West, you will meet different Ukrainian facial features with rather naturally tanned skin, dark eyes and hair.

All this is explained by the historical and geographical Ukrainian women features. Ukraine suffered from raids of various tribes to an even greater extent than Russia, being a “marginal” territory bordering Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and Turkey. Some researchers believe that Ukrainians are much closer to the Turkic peoples than Russians are. Among the Ukrainians there are many who look like Hungarians. Ukrainians are closer to the Southern and Western Slavs than to the Eastern. So, if speaking about the appearance of the common Ukrainian girl, there is no single standard.


She may be a slim blonde with green or blue eyes as well as a girl of the Southern type with expressive hazel eyes and dark hair. Ukrainians believe that their girls are the most beautiful in the world because of the great blood mixture with other nations. Well, it is hard to disagree. Let’s try to define typical Ukrainian women. They say that in the character of every woman there should be something special, her own zest. A zest? Only one?! This is not about Ukrainian ladies. They are boiling pots with zests. This can be seen even in the contacts between the Ukrainians girls.

ukrainian facial features

On the street you can hear a happy squeal and see how young girls are running to each other and embracing happily. No, we were not given paradise on earth. It’s just a meeting of young Ukrainian ladies who have not seen each other as long as two or three days. On the other hand, the reaction of the Ukrainian woman to negative situations is unpredictable as the content of her boiling pot. But in any case, it will be extremely stormy.

Even if from outside the woman looks pretty calm, be sure that emotions are running high inside. A few years ago, an interesting satirical article “How to date a Russian or Ukrainian girl” appeared in the American online resource wikiHow. The author of the publication gives “half-serious” suggestions to foreigners who want to get acquainted with Ukrainian ladies. He explains how to recognize these girls by their clothes and talks. Also he tells how to behave in their presence. Let’s consider some of the tips from the article.

How to recognize a typical Ukrainian woman?

1. If a girl wears leather pants, high heels and huge earrings, then most likely she is Ukrainian. Golden jewelry is worn to work and to the gym. These women like to look good everywhere and anytime, even if they go out to buy bread from the nearest shop. It’s one of the strongest Ukrainian women characteristics.

2. She is reserved a bit, at least with unknown people. A lady from Ukraine does not smile for any reason and does not talk to the stranger first despite the great sense of humor and good communicational skills. These women are not used to doing it. They smile to someone they know or smile when they want to flirt. No fixed smiles. But if they meet a friend, that’s a totally different story…

3. Shoes with high heels. Ukrainian women like to wear heels because their legs look awesome. Even in winter you can see a girl walking on the slippery road wearing high-heeled boots. It may seem strange but it is reality.

4. Ukrainians know how to wear make up and do nice hair-style. Unfortunately some girls become too much professional in it, and you risk not recognizing her in the morning without her usual make up. Also, minor plastic surgeries are popular here. Girls like to change the shape of their lips, try permanent make up, draw eye-brows, apply fake eyelashes, have injections of botox and so on. Even though Ukrainian facial features are excellent.

5. A typical Ukrainian woman takes care of her physical shape, keeps to a diet, and goes to gym or yoga. Well, they care a lot about their appearance.

6. She may consume hard drinks including vodka, whiskey or brandy. It may seem a stereotype, but many Ukrainian women really prefer hard drinks to soft cocktails.

These characteristics can be perceived like a joke, but still, behind every joke there’s some truth. Speaking about the given topic in a bit more serious way, typical Ukrainian women are marked with the following features.

Ukrainian women traits

1. She’s strong. A Ukrainian girl can do everything. Everything, in the meaning “absolutely anything”. She can pay the mortgage, working at 2 jobs; she can run a marathon. Also, she is able to make a career in Kiev, then in Paris, then in New York. Well, that’s not too hard for her. Ukrainian girls keep the peace. Seriously! Their mothers set an example for them. For the previous generation it was normal to manage 8-hours working day, care household, give love to husband, visit relatives and even cultivate a small piece of land in the country ( because home-grown vegetables are the best!) at the same time. It is in their culture, a lazy wife has always been seen as a shame for a family.

2. She’s caring. The children of a Ukrainian mother wear two hats; her husband always has a sandwich in his lunch-box. She manages to deliver medications to her grandfather and speak with Aunt Sonia for an hour because auntie does not have anyone else to discuss cats, weather and yarn quality. No one will hide from the Ukrainian girl if she wants to do good for him.

3. She’s talented. Ukrainian girl sings beautifully. But if not singing, then she draws nicely. And if she doesn’t draw or sing, she cooks like Gordon Ramsay, dances, launches rockets into space, learns the sixth foreign language and gets the third higher education. But the main talent of the Ukrainian girl is to unite people around her.

4. She’s patient. Ukrainian girls can endure for years. Anything. FOR YEARS! And then, one day… Bang! And all patience ran out. In such a situation, it is better to hide yourself in a safe place. Many women bear their bad husbands for years, they forgive and give hundreds of “second chances” but if she decides to leave, she never returns back. There will be a point of no return for the past.

5. Family is everything for her. Genetically Ukrainians are concentrated on caring about someone. Her boiling pot of emotions calms down a bit after creating a family. She gives birth to children and takes care of them. As well as she cares about the husband, whom she sees as another child. She gives her warmth, support and love to her man. And a woman from Ukraine perceives the family as a part of herself. It is a part of her Universe. Parents sometimes are over caring and can interfere into the life of adult children. Opinion of parents is important, so a future groom should get a family approval as a mother-in-law can criticize him for a very long time.

6. She’s thrifty. The Ukrainian girl keeps her grandmother’s set of dishes, a large encyclopedia of the fisherman (no one knows whose it is), bottles with jam in her cupboard, one ski (in case she finds a second one!), a suitcase full of flags of the UN countries from some conference, old toys, New Years decorations, extra saucepans (20 pieces), and ALL the children’s drawings, postcards, and hand-made gifts. The reason is simple – just in case.

Ukrainian girls

But this day never comes and the things simply occupy the useful space in the flat. That is the generalized portrait of typical women from Ukraine. Surely, not every lady falls under all these descriptions. Some have most of these features, while some have absolutely different mentality and world view. The best way is to make up your own opinion about them without being prejudiced. Every person is the universe that has to be discovered.

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