Ukrainian women in bed

With the development of technologies, mass media and Internet, it became so easy to find any kind of information. The things that were hidden and even sacred are displayed openly now. Most countries of the word have already faced “the sexual revolution”. Ukraine is not an exception. Though, Ukraine keeps feeling the influence of the previous era. There is a joke, caused by one of the telebridges between the US and SU, that “There was no sex in the Soviet Union”. The problem is that the topic of “sex” was strictly censored and forbidden at the Soviet times. There was no sexual education, no erotic print media and things like that.

Many years have passed since then, but it may still seem that even men feel shy to talk about their intimate relations and Ukrainian women in bed. Sex is considered to be something very intimate and personal. Unlike open-minded Europeans and Americans, a common Ukrainian couple will hardly go to a sexual health specialist when having problems in their sexual life. It is perceived as “indecent”. For this reason before answering the question “are Ukrainian women good in bed?” we should give the detailed analyses of the current situation and its roots.

Sex, as before, has to be hidden

Women and girls in Ukraine, even in the era of the information technologies, haven’t gone far from their mothers and grandmothers in terms of sexuality. Today only in the big cities and in the capital women are less worried about the stereotypes and feel free to live as they want. At the same time, even here, many of them continue to depend on the opinion of their parents, grandmothers and other relatives. Lots of ladies are dependent financially as well.

The Internet, unfortunately, brings new trends, but it does not relieve from internal restrictions. The most sexually-educated generation today is girls under the age of 18. They have inner freedom. They have seen other life-style in American movies and they want to try it in practice. No wonder that nowadays teenagers start dating at the age of 14 or 16, and, of course, experience early intercourse.

The label of a “sluttish” woman has not disappeared yet

Women living in the megalopolis have opportunities for self-development, while in the province women often do not expect anything: either you go to the big city or you get married. And the label of “sluttish” remains there. After all, in the provincial world, to get married, you need to be a very decent woman. Still, there are double standards. If a man has many partners and he starts his sexual life early, he is a hero. Opinion about a woman having similar life style is totally different. Everyone spreads rumors about this woman, and then it is close to impossible to find a good husband for her. That is why plenty of Ukrainian women create accounts on dating sites to find relationships they need.

In big cities people do not know each other and can do whatever they like. But grown with old stereotypes, ladies prefer to hide their past. A Ukrainian lady will never boast the number of lovers she had. It is not something she is proud about.  Such things as one-night stand and “friends with benefits” are quite rare. It is a fact, that family values are important here, so many women dream about one love that lasts a lifetime. They want to find a good man to spend the life with. For the majority of girls, the notions of love and sex are inseparable.  The most sensual sex is possible only with someone they are in love with.

It is not necessary to take pleasure from sex

Why do Ukrainians have so many women who don’t enjoy sex? They think that sex is for men. Grandpa Freud was right. Who has a penis rules the world. In the Ukrainian culture, mothers and grandmothers do not teach their daughters that sex is pleasant for a woman, that they can have the right to enjoy and have to do something to get it. Previous generations did not discuss sex, as it was intended only to conceive children. It was considered a duty to satisfy a husband. The message was sent from a mom: if a man does not have sex, he will be in a bad mood or even worse – he may find a lover.

In case if there was love in the couple, the sex was considered like something “must do”! And the woman had no right to refuse. Therefore in Ukraine there are a lot of the unsatisfied women who habitually imitate an orgasm. This can be understood by the number of women in the women’s clinics, who have many gynecological problems. The woman continues to serve the man in this matter. Unfortunately, local men do not see it as their responsibility to give a pleasure to women. At the same time, men grown with different mentality understand that women’s body is an instrument and if you play it well, everyone will be satisfied.

They know exactly what to do in order to have a great sex in bed with Ukrainian women. So, only in the big cities women return to the idea that a woman has her own needs. It is caused by the fact that ladies have more freedom there. These ladies visit sex-shops, practice vumbilding, and know how to make a man hot in bed. If a foreign man is lucky to meet a woman with a new kind of perception, he will never forget the answer to a question “how are Ukrainian girls in bed?”. Experience, coupled with the inner freedom and passionate nature of Ukrainians, give wonderful results.

Abnormal things that show in porn

The generation of 30-years old women has fewer taboos than their mothers in this regard. However, their brain says one thing, while parents say another. Now many women make experiments in sex, although they try to look very decent in the everyday life. Threesome sex and swingers are also present here, but such things are really hidden. This is usually locked down pretty tight.

Sex at a later age

This is not talked about, but it exists. Many pensioners continue having intimate relations but they tend to keep in secret. Why? They were raised with the ideas that sex is not something to talk about. Though, many couples state that after their grown children left to live their own life, grown-up parents remain alone and feel like newly-married couples. They have time to enjoy each other. However, the role of menopause should not be underestimated. The best sex age for a woman is from 27 to 40. The peak of sex for women falls on 33-40, when her female organs are fully formed and everything works well, but from 45 years the menopause usually starts, so it leads to the restructuring of the body.

In order to have a sexual life, a woman needs a man who will try very hard. He must be either younger or strongly motivated on sex and love to this woman, for example. That’s why most of women over 45 often cease to have intimate relations. Luckily, there are women developing in this aspect. They look great, continue to be successful. So, everything is fine with them. It is only a matter of self-sense. But, is everything really so vague with the matter of sex in Ukraine? Surely not! In spite of all those taboos and restrictions, stereotypes and public opinion, there is one thing that cannot be overcome.

This is the true Ukrainian temperament. Ukrainians are emotional, sensitive and hot. They prefer to say what they feel and their emotions can be read on the face at once. A woman from Ukraine is not an Ice Queen. So, if a man stays in bed with women from Ukraine, he will be overwhelmed with passion. As a matter of fact, most of Ukrainian ladies simply need an eligible man who can help them to open up. These ladies have a great potential. They are caring, loving passionate and kind. The rest is just a matter of techniques and experience. Would you like to check it by yourself?

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