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It is trusted that in the period of globalization fashion is international. Individuals believe that ladies of the entire world wear similar models from Paris or Milan shows. But, in each nation design has its very own national attributes, which rely upon the atmosphere, attitude, national customs and significantly more. What’s more, subsequently, for instance, the Ukrainian fashion may vary fundamentally from the Russian or Western European ones.

History of Ukrainian design

The historical backdrop of Ukrainian design began after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The tipping points of history always allow enterprising and creative people to realize their ideas. Therefore, when the USSR collapsed, several designers of Ukrainian origin declared themselves. Such avant-garde designers like Irina Dratva, Alexey Zalevsky and Olesya Savenko with pleasure ruined Soviet stereotypes, creating Ukrainian clothing. None of these designers had the appropriate education. But their outstanding abilities and creative potential allowed them to create very different and always original collections.

Simultaneously with the avant-garde fashion, which was perceived as a kind of game, the real Ukrainian inspired fashion was also developing. Some designers created clothing that became relevant not only on the catwalks but also on the streets. Lilia Pustovit, Alena Vorozhbit, Sergey Byzov, Angela Lisitsa, Tatyana Zemskova, and Irina Kutsyuk presented their collections. In 1997, the first shows of the Ukrainian Fashion Seasons were held. After some time passed, they became regular. Despite the strict requirements that were imposed on designers who were wishing to participate in such shows, the number of participants grew steadily. Fashion seasons became popular.

Designers eagerly experimented by mixing Ukrainian traditions with the latest trends in European fashion. As a result, a distinctive and original fashion was created. It had bright national characteristics. Creations of Ukrainian designers gained fame in the world.

The fashion industry of Ukraine is still very young and this is attractive. Designers are inspired to experiment with textures and colors, shapes and fabrics, creating Ukrainian dress. Ukrainian outfit is constantly evolving. And it is likely that over time, Kiev will become as famous to fashion models all over the world, as Paris and Milan are now known. And Kiev fashion weeks will be no less attractive than Western European ones.

Famous Ukrainian designers

Lilia Pustovit is called the most successful Ukrainian designer. Her collections are sold in London, Tokyo, and Seoul. People love this designer from Ukraine. But the demand for clothes from Poustovit in Europe is much higher for economic reasons. Her clothes are original and they are a surprisingly harmonious combination of national traditions with global trends. The designer manages to constantly create something new while remaining true to her own style.

Clothing from Igor Kikot can be purchased at boutiques in Paris, Milan, and Tokyo. Vladimir Podolyan is also well known in Europe. In the men’s fashion, the recognized master is Victor Anisimov. Fedor Vozianov is widely known in Italy. This young designer was noted several years ago as one of the most promising designers in the world. Fedor’s collections are successfully sold in Milan.

Among the promising young Ukrainian designers are:

  • Sasha Kanevsky
  • Lilia Litkovskaya
  • Anna October
  • Valeria Kovalskaya
  • Svetlana Bevza
  • Irina Karavay
  • the duet of Natalia Kamenskaya and Olesya Kononova

Julia Pascal, Kostya Omelya and Yasya Khomenko also promise to become very popular.

Street fashion in Ukraine

Street fashion in Ukraine, as, undoubtedly, in different nations, once in a while strikingly unique in relation to the models introduced on the catwalks. A great many people dress as per their thoughts of magnificence. Also, since these thoughts can change altogether, the garments now and again look altogether different.

Design writers frequently say that the primary issue of Ukraine is the affection for young ladies and grown-up ladies for glamor. Ukrainian girls by nature are usually very good-looking. But they are not content with their natural beauty. So they try their best to beautify themselves. In the course goes tight and pointedly sexy clothes, shiny fabrics and, of course, rhinestones and stones. Of course, such outfits, if picked up with taste, can look very beautiful. But not everyone can boast of good taste. As a result, sometimes there is too much decor on the clothes of Ukrainian women.

If in Western European countries, women dress primarily functional, in Eastern Europe, the most important thing is to look expensive and stylish. It is difficult to judge whether it is bad or good. This is one of the national traditions, including Ukrainian fashion. A woman should look feminine. A woman should look smart. This is the motto of many Ukrainian fashionistas. Many of them manage to harmoniously combine national brightness with topical negligence, creating interesting and original images. Others sometimes look a little ridiculous in their sincere desire to look more elegant. High heels, fluffy fur or excessively sexy office clothes are very common.


However, the situation is improving every year. More and more women are striving to look not only beautiful but also appropriate, in accordance with the situation. When choosing modern Ukrainian clothing, a resident of Ukraine increasingly takes into account their individual characteristics, refusing fashionable uniforms in favor of their own unique style. Stylish clothes as well as possible emphasize the natural unusual beauty of Ukrainian women and serve as an excellent setting for this beauty.

However, we should not forget about Ukrainian fashion from the past. Vyshyvanka is still very popular in Ukraine and all over the world. There is something magic and beautiful in Ukrainian traditional dress, which was created by our ancestors. Ukrainian embroidery still looks elegant and make women even more beautiful.

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