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Female sexuality develops more slowly than male sexuality, although girls become mature earlier than boys. A typical manifestation of female sexuality is coquetry. Coquetry is a complex involuntary behavioral reaction, which is based on the urge to attract attention. The temperament and the severity of sexual desire stand behind it, which is defined as “sexual resonance” in adult women. Some men are interested in comparing Russian and Ukrainian women in such a topic as a sexual relationship. And coquetry plays a significant role there. It is impossible to say which nation likes sex better, because it depends, first of all, on a person. However, it is possible to report some general information.

Differences in sexual behavior of Ukrainian and Russian women

Russian women

Most of Russian women want to be loved and have fans. For this goal, they use sex as well. However, as a rule, their actual desire for sexual intercourse is small. Often they are bad housewives, but they always look after themselves, never getting tired of various cosmetic procedures. They draw increased attention to their personality and body. This kind of women willingly allows men to love her, although this does not excite her at all and does not satisfy her physically. In most cases, these women are interested only in themselves.

They are narcissists

In sex, a Russian woman enjoys a greater sense of her power over a man, physical pleasure, rather than emotions caused by her love for him and a sense of mutual trust.At first, having a desire to get a man, she recognizes his sexual interests and tries to fully adjust to them in order to make the right impression. But gradually, as the man becomes more and more attached to her, she will show more and colder and dissatisfaction. This is necessary to bring down his self-esteem and make him more controllable. The self-perception of the Russian woman is entirely based on the admiration of her own body. In addition, they often achieve excellent results in sports, successfully spend time in the gym and decorate themselves with clothes that emphasize their physique.

Ukrainian women

beautiful ukrainian ladies

They are calm

Nevertheless, if such a woman turns out to be a “passing figure” for a man, then she most often does not make tragedies out of this. She suffers the end of relations more calmly than it was expected. She does not even dare to think about extramarital sex, in spite of its significant popularity among women. Most of the Ukrainian women do not also talk with their friends about it. She has only one man who is her husband. You do not need to be a psychic to determine that in front of you is a Ukrainian female since it is easy to notice her.

These women attract like a sorceress. In most cases, they combine external coldness and boiling passions in the soul, fiery eyes and refined speeches, elegant manners and militancy. A Ukrainian woman knows her price and knows what she wants. Winning this kind of person is hard. She does not flirt, does not play with men and chooses only the most worthy. You can not turn or confuse her head with compliments and romance. And she values only ​​real qualities in men, not the ability to charm young girls. But she is a true woman. It is comfortable and pleasant to stay with her.

Perfect in sex

In bed, this kind of woman is a godsend for everyone. She knows how to adapt to a partner and drive him crazy. Moreover, she can be gentle and obey or can become a passionate fatal mistress. There are no limits and prohibitions for her. She is resourceful, original and daring. If a Ukrainian woman has found her partner, he will be crazy. In most cases, she is an excellent wife and mistress and a strict and sensible mother. Everything is always in her perfect order; she knows how to do many things at once, and do everything flawlessly. She has an ideal family, raised children, full career order, and Ukrainian lady will always find time for herself.

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Character traits

Ukrainian woman is distinguished by self-confidence. Even the most skeptical person can respond to passion in her appearance. The energy, combined with a good style of entertainment and a desire to work will open up all new facets of pleasure and impressions to the partner. Ukrainian woman is captivated by her own passions and dreams, which, combined with skillful demandingness and the desire to go clearly towards her intended goal, gives a woman a sense of purpose and allows her to subordinate everyone and everything to herself.

Men partners not always are able to understand this approach and to recognize the true causes of the striking sensuality and attractive eroticism. A sharp mind and stunning intuition distinguish Ukrainian ladies. She effectively uses these qualities when choosing partners and men in her surroundings. The main advantage of the sexual behavior of these women is that it effectively comes into the lives of other people, leaving their lives changed forever.


Moreover, according to the studies which were conducted in 30 different countries, Ukrainian women were called the most sexual. Among the leaders of these countries whose citizens are satisfied with the sexuality of their women was Ukraine, which took the first place, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Hungary. That is why so many men from America and Europe visit Ukrainian dating sites.

The group of sex losers were Germany and Italy. However, in both countries, it is possible to find exceptions. Therefore, it is important to be careful when choosing your partner and pay attention to every detail.

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