do Ukrainian women like chocolate

Almost all Ukrainian women like chocolate. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority (approximately 90%) of Ukrainian ladies like chocolate. Why does female sex prefer this product? There are several theories on this.

A scientific view

Women’s hormones are unstable, and it is useless to try to fight them. Frequent changes of mood, fluctuations in physical and emotional indicators require constant equilibrium. Therefore, an irresistible craze about chocolate is laid on a subconscious level.

Chemical addiction

As you know, the romantic feeling of love is just a chain of chemical reactions occurring in our body. Chocolate contains a special substance phenylethylamine in its composition. It is capable of causing almost the same sensations that they experience when they are in love. Based on the previous, it can be argued that their favorite chocolate may well replace the gentleman who is temporarily absent in their life.

The wives of the French kings considered chocolate to be an aphrodisiac. And as it turned out, they were doing it for true reasons. Italian researchers have shown that women who have a constant presence of chocolate in their diets lead a more active sex life than their companions who deny themselves the pleasure of being pampered with chocolate. That is why it is excellent that Ukrainian women like chocolate.

Is there a relationship between chocolate and happiness?

Building a career, taking care of children and home improvement are three essential components of a modern Ukrainian woman’s life, which takes a lot of time and effort. Women are advised to increase the amount of consumption of chocolate products to restore the excellent mood and raise the tone. And Ukrainian girls follow this recommendation.

Hormones endorphins, which are released in the blood in large quantities when a person feels great, are responsible for our good mood. In the case when it is dull and sad, one cannot do without a chocolate bar. After all, this cocoa product provokes a powerful release of these very endorphins when consumed. A couple of pieces of Ukrainian girl’s favorite delicacy, and they feel great again. It is really a simple and affordable solution.

Ukrainian women care about their figure

Many Ukrainian women dream of the perfect figure. Many of them turn to the Internet or nutritionists. Virtually every source advises to limit the consumption of sweet to a minimum, but dark chocolate with a minimum amount of sugar can be consumed because it contains a considerable amount of useful trace elements that are essential for the body. Today, only lazy people do not talk about the benefits of bitter chocolate with the lowest sugar content.

Even nutritionists argue that the consumption of chocolate in reasonable quantities does not affect the figure. And chocolate diets are not a myth, but a reality! That’s why Ukrainian women always want chocolate. It’s just a constant concern for their own figure and perfect appearance. Just do not forget that the quantity matters!

Combating stress and depression

Dark chocolate takes place in the top ten of the most useful products. And this is not an accident. After all, what could be more important than health! Due to the unique combination of components, chocolate helps to balance the chemical processes occurring in our brain, creating a complete sense of life satisfaction for its owner. And as women are more sensitive to the vicissitudes of life, then they often use the “chocolate drug” in the fight against stress. This way of getting rid of depression with the right approach does not give any side effects.

Chocolate prolongs youth

Chocolate has a tendency to prolong youth, and Ukrainian women know about it. Moreover, when women become older, they eat fewer sweets. This is due to the fact that with the onset of menopause, the level of hormones becomes lower. Chocolates and pastries are able to replenish the natural supply of antioxidants, which are designed to combat harmful free radicals. In addition to chocolate, the most potent sources of sweetener antioxidants are considered to include:

  • honey;
  • raisins;
  • prunes.

Chocolate will help to cope with PMS

It is not by chance that women want to eat chocolate when approaching critical days. This is how an organism signals about a change in the level of hormones. It can be simply hard for them to resist chocolate, so they eat it. They allow the body to consume chocolate. They know that magnesium, which is contained in chocolate (fifty grams is enough to get a daily intake of magnesium), will help relieve pain in the lower abdomen. A regular chocolate sponge cake in the days of menstruation increases the level of serotonin, and their mood indeed becomes better.

Chocolate increases the level of IQ

Among the products that affect brain activity, leadership is given to sweets.  Experts put bitter chocolate in the first place. Most of the Ukrainian women make sure to choose only bitter chocolate because chocolate with nuts or milk is fat. So if they need brainstorming, eat a slab of dark chocolate. Sugar, supplemented with cocoa butter, will help soothe the nerves. Some scientists believe that the sweet can be considered the only food for the brain since brain cells are able to take only glucose (it is advisable to take at least thirty grams of sweet food per day).


In the Ukrainian beauty industry, chocolate is used in various forms. However, the most famous fact is that chocolate slows downs the aging of the skin and smooth out existing wrinkles. Chocolate contains a lot of useful substances that contribute to the regeneration of human skin cells. Therefore, chocolate is actively used in cosmetology for masks and wraps.

But if we don’t try to bring a scientific base to every chocolate we eat, then we can say only say one thing – Ukrainian women want chocolate because it is delicious and no delicacy can be compared with it in its originality and diversity.

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