do Ukrainian girls like to play games

Ukrainian women like everything that is related to fun, joy, and spending time with their loved one. That is why they want to play games as well. That is why we have a few recommendations for you which games can be the best for playing with a Ukrainian girl. Games for two people who love each other is not a contest in knowledge, skills, intelligence, skill and speed. In such games, it doesn’t matter who will be the winner and who will lose the competition.

In the first place here comes the process of communication, touching and proximity of two people. Romantic games for lovers are perfect for a date, an exciting end to a romantic dinner or a night of love. This is an excellent script for an anniversary dating, Valentine’s Day or Wedding Day, as well as any weekday you want to make your personal holiday. Romantic games can cheer up and defuse a tense situation after a quarrel.

Romantic games for lovers

Watch a movie and kiss

Sometimes it’s so lovely to have an intimate evening and watch a movie with a loved one. And if you combine watching a movie with a romantic game, it will be fun and exciting! For a start, guess a specific action of the movie characters. When these actions are performed on the screen – kiss. For example, you can guess such actions: heroes would eat, kiss, laugh, go into the room, use obscene expressions, etc. Limit yourself to choosing one action for one movie. For example, kiss when a weapon appears on the screen (the idea is great for action movies and thrillers, isn’t it?). And when watching another movie, kiss when food appears in the frame.

Chocolate art

Write a romantic word with melted chocolate on your partner’s body. And then try to erase the inscription with kisses. While you are engaged in chocolate creativity, the task of the second half is to guess without looking at what you have written on the body. Then turn the person to please you with her chocolate kisses.


Arrange a meeting at a restaurant and imagine as if you had just met. Talk, flirt and act accordingly throughout the evening, then go to a more private place and continue your acquaintance in an intimate setting. This game is exciting because during such a theatrical production those feelings that couples experience at the first meeting are returned.

Blind kiss

It is a very simple but at the same time a fun game for a couple in love, the meaning of which is to blindly get your lips into the hidden part of the partner’s body.

Trust me

This game teaches you to trust each other and listen. The main thing is that you need to make your back to fall on the hands of your second half. Another option is for one participant to be blindfolded and the second should lead him through obstacles, directing him with his voice. Then partners change roles.


This is another mental game for a couple that teaches to understand each other. A couple should sit face to face. A partner should try to transfer the mental image to another. And everything must happen without words. The second person should closely monitor the eyes, as well as the expression of the face of his half, and strive to “read” his thoughts. At the end of the game, the readings are checked. According to practice, the most essential thing in this game is the emotional background associated with it.


The goal of the game is that you need to write the maximum possible number of sentences that begin with the words: “I love you because you are …” or write positive qualities of a partner. You should do it in 7 minutes (an option without a time limit is possible). The bigger, the better. This is an excellent game for both. There are no losers. If one will write more, then the other will receive more compliments. Optionally, the game can be modified.

Fast actions

An example of this kind of game is “Try to kiss if you can.” One partner tries to kiss the lips, and the second strenuously turns away, preventing it. The most crucial thing in this game is to calculate your strength so that the game does not end with an injury! This game for lovers can be called unfair, but the outcome of the game is pleasant for both. “The Handkerchief” is another action game for a couple in love. Each participant ties a handkerchief to his belt, then tries to take this handkerchief from another and at the same time protect his own. The one who quickly reaches the handkerchief of lover will win.

Games for a wish

Every lover in advance makes a wish that should be fulfilled to the second half. You can beautifully arrange and print on the printer papers with desires. You can play cards or any other game that you both like for a wish. The loser lover should pull out at random one of the wishes of his half and immediately fulfil it.

Intellectual games

This game is familiar to many people since childhood. One lover is waiting in the other room, and the second is hiding the subject. Then the seeker of the “treasure” tries to guess where the hidden thing is, and the other person can help him with clues: “cold” – if very far from the thing, “warm” – if the player is near the cache. The game will be especially exciting if the person who hides the object will be smart and manage to hide it in the pocket of the seeker or on the chandelier. In such situations, a confused player does not understand where the object is located.

Computer games

An example of this could be the game “Ducks.” As you know, playing on a computer takes a lot of time, and your second half can be unhappy that you sit for a long time in front of a computer monitor. If you play together, this problem will not arise. Surprisingly fun game Chicken Invaders 2 will allow you to play together for one keyboard. This is a shooting game where you need to dodge eggs and shoot chickens. Accordingly, with each new level, the task becomes more complicated. In total, the game is very fun and perfect for two people who love each other.

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