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There is a whole list of male professions, whose representatives evoke romantic fantasies in Ukrainian women. Knowing this feature, filmmakers of the category “18+” use it really often. Brave firefighters, athletic and smart ski instructors, secret agents who risk their lives every day – these characters ensure the success of such tapes. Psychologists explain everything very simply.

Opinion of psychologists

Over many centuries of evolution, both men and women have learned to recognize the traits of the most “quality” partner for the continuation of the race. Similarly, everything happens in the wild. The male accurately identifies a mature, healthy female, who is ready to breed. Male tournaments give females the opportunity to choose for producing a strong and enduring male with the most robust genes. People have everything in the same way.

Men consider to be desirable young, well-built girls with clear skin, thick, shiny hair and a healthy psyche, which is reflected in a woman’s self-confidence, positive mood and pleasant character. All these are signs of good genetics. A lady with such characteristics can produce healthy, viable offspring. In women, everything is precisely the same. But women will have slightly different selection criteria. The sexual partner must be well built: muscular, tall, slender, with proper body proportions.

At the same time, he must demonstrate “male” qualities: the ability to dominate and the willingness to fight for posterity if the need arises. A man should be courageous and brave. If in the Middle Ages, gentlemen could demonstrate these qualities in tournaments, then in modern society they have not so many opportunities to prove their courage. And yet these opportunities are army service, victories in sports fights, work associated with risk. There are almost no Ukrainian women who are able to say “no” against such “arguments.”

What jobs do Ukrainian girls like in men

Military, firefighters, pilots of passenger airplanes

In the first places of the sexiest male professions are firefighters (emergency workers) and the military. These are courageous people who are not afraid of anything. From the point of view of female psychology, they are the ideal males. The uniforms of representatives of such professions are particularly attractive. The military uniform, in addition to the beneficial underlining of the body, is a marker of courage and fearlessness of such men. A woman subconsciously wants to trust such men.

Secret agents

Secret agents are very sexually attractive to Ukrainian girls. It happens because they are generally a special, privileged caste of men. The high level of intellectual development, exceptional skills and ability to survive, excellent physical training associated with the constant risk to life, and romance of dangerous adventures are factors which act on women as hypnosis.


Athletes also look attractive. Ukrainian ladies especially like athletes with whom they can directly contact. These are all sorts of diving instructors, fitness trainers, ski instructors, etc. The woman, being close to such a strong, athletic, muscular male, is captured by his pheromones. She is literally ready for reproduction at the level of instincts. That is why married ladies often cheat on their husbands with their trainers in yoga, fitness, etc.


The bullfighters are also extremely attractive. They challenge dangerous and powerful animals. The life of the bullfighter is continually hanging in the balance; They are intelligent and courageous, that is why especially successful representatives of this profession always have a mistress. Not the last role is played by the beautiful body of the bullfighter, emphasizing his chiseled, muscular figure (and therefore, superior genetics). In addition, the bullfighter with the bull itself is a tournament of males in its pure form. It is the way how nature intended it.


Men in white coats also have a special attraction for women. The very setting of the doctor’s office, the extreme frankness that accompanies the medical examination, causes the woman to associate everything with sex (of course, only if she has not had a heart attack). Many patients are fantasizing about the romantic relationship with the doctor. This is one of the male professions that cause a particular attitude among the vast majority of sexually mature Ukrainian women.


Sometimes women just need protection. Who can do it better than a specially trained specialist? A little authoritarianism is useful in building a good relationship, so the nearest police station is quite a potential dating club.


Engineers are accustomed to solving problems. The very specifics of the profession make it necessary to be as knowledgeable and confident as possible in their actions. It seems that the transfer of these qualities to real life magically acts on the opposite sex. All polls about the sexiest professions consistently include the word “engineer.”


As long as the world realizes that something has gone wrong, these guys are fighting on the front line of the war on environmental pollution and environmental problems. Ukrainian women highly value this unselfish passion.


What kind of girl did not dream about a young and intelligent professor from the university? Knowledge is not only power but also sexuality. Yes, and the very distribution of roles in this approach ideally falls on the model of love relationships.


Awareness and self-confidence are the qualities that a good lawyer simply must possess, no matter in what field he works. They will be useful in relationships, and the packaging in the form of a strict suit will finally convince any Ukrainian woman of the extremely attractiveness of a male lawyer.


A man who builds a house is worthy of loving him. Women are well aware of this, and architects are using it with might and main, deceiving unsuspecting girls who are flying like moths to the light of design ideas.

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