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Nowadays Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful in the world. However, you can recognize a Ukrainian woman not only by her ideal anthropometric appearance but also by her passionate love for cosmetics, which manifests itself in excessive make-up. In addition, the best Ukrainian women can be found in Dnipro. Dnipro girls considered to be the best one all over Ukraine. That is why we will describe all the history and secrets of beauty of girls of Dnipro.

History of the attractiveness of Ukrainian beauties

Female beauty was held in high esteem in the vast expanses of ancient Ukraine. If the girl had the reputation of being unattractive, then it was not easy for her to find a groom even with a good dowry. At the same time, beautiful and poor brides could easily count on a successful marriage. This is traced even in Ukrainian folk tales. The stately, white-skinned, with bright red lips, dark eyebrows and eyelashes women were valued the most. Freckles, dark complexion, red hair, sparse or large teeth, thinness were considered severe flaws. But despite the rather high demands, there were many beautiful women in Ukraine.

Secrets of caring for appearance and maintaining attractiveness passed from century to century. For example, it was known that one should eat wheat bread and milk daily for body fluffiness. In order to preserve the whiteness of the skin, you need to be closed from the sun with clothes. And in the case of undesirable freckles, remove them with a decoction of parsley. To make the hair healthy and thick, they washed them with sour milk, greased with burdock oil. They were saving their lips from weathering in the cold by smearing with honey, etc.

Fashion development
Together with the reforms of Peter I, European fashion penetrated into Ukraine. High ladies learned about the existence of cosmetics, blush, perfume. Overseas outfits, corsets, powdered wigs have become popular. They were caring so much about looking good that even before a responsible meeting, women of fashion raised their hands up and shook them intensely so that the blood was drained from the fingers and they looked whiter and more graceful, like those of ancient marble sculptures.

Unlike the high society, where all foreign innovations were actively adopting, provincials preferred to use the gifts of their fundamental nature: cherry or raspberry for red lips, beets for blush on their cheeks, and coal to make their brows and eyelashes darker. Using decoctions of chamomile flowers, nettle leaves, onion peel, they added brightness and golden shine to their naturally blond hair. Various medicinal herbs were used as a washcloth for washing the body and as a hair rinse.

Later, with the advent of baths, different procedures were added to cleanse the pores of the body with the help of hot steam based on decoctions of aromatic and healing plants. Naturalness has become a reliable guarantee of the beauty of Ukrainian women. As you can see, it was extremely popular among women to be beautiful among all times. And it is still widespread because it is already a tradition for Ukrainians. Moreover, Dnipro always wasone of the most developed cities in Ukraine; that is why fashion is developed there as well. That is why Dnipro has TOP quality Ukrainian girls.

Modern girls of Dnepr

From time immemorial, Ukrainian woman was considered to be the keeper of the hearth, illuminating the world with the light of spirituality, kindness and love, the highest spiritualized beginning of life itself. And, despite all the disasters of the Ukrainian peoples like numerous wars, nomad raids, everyday problems and the persecution of beautiful women as witches, the genetic cocktail of Ukrainians crystallized as an unusually powerful, unique and sustainable code that gave rise to a beautiful, bold and wise nation.

Nowadays Dnepr women act as a symbol of goodness and unity. The image of this woman is incredibly multifaceted. She can be called a tireless worker, a merciful sister, a caring mother, and a tender wife. But most of all she is a faithful friend, ready not only for the support and inspiration of her beloved but also for sacrificial loyalty to her ideals. The beauty of Ukrainian women is harmony, the inseparable unity of a sensitive, noble soul and beautiful appearance. After all, a face that shines with thought and feeling cannot be ugly. This iconic face is the image of Ukrainian beauty. Ukrainian, and especially Dnipro women beauty has always been distinguished by the life-giving fire of spirituality, intellect, kindness, nobility, and the beauty of the soul.

The ability to care for themselves
Not all European women can do it. Every man likes neatness and accuracy. By the way, the natural beauty of Dnipro brides amazes foreign suitors abroad, so international marriages are no longer a rarity. Another reason for the pleasant surprise is the thrift of Slavic ladies. While European women of fashion throw dollars at salons, the services of professional stylists and expensive cosmetics, young Ukrainian ladies learned to care for themselves independently, using inexpensive improvised means, while they look fresh and smell delicious, regardless of the weather and well-being.

Keepers of the family hearth
Any man would like to come to a clean, comfortable house, where a beautiful wife greets him, and the aromas of a delicious dinner are smelled from the kitchen. However, European girls most often shift household uties to servants, trying to reach career heights along with their husbands. Slavic women are trying to equip the family nest and give warmth and affection to their loved people. Ukrainian ladies never entrust the raising of children to carers, nannies, governess, or teachers. They themselves teach children to walk, talk, sometimes read and write.

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