How to pick up girls in Ukraine?

Slavic girls are famous for their beauty and thrift. Many foreigners were subjugated by brown-eyed Ukrainian beauty. Ladies from the mysterious countries of Eastern Europe are also not averse to marry a foreign Prince. In this article, we’ll cover: How to pick up girls in Ukraine, what they want to find in their mate, how to ask them out and charm from a first sight.

Portrait of a true Ukrainian woman: personality

Ukranian girls arefeminine and romantic, but they have a strong character. A lot of men mark these contradictory features nature in their soulmate: she is very gentle, sensitive and believe in miracles, but she can take care of herself and has a ready tongue. There is the real Bridal fair in Ukraine. Many women do not mind to have familiarity with foreigners, so post profiles on various Dating sites and go to the themed evenings organized by the agencies. Many foreigners do not clear the controversial ukrainian women culture.

Mystical Beauty of Ukrainian Ladies. Why Are Ukrainian Women So Special?

From an early age girls are taught to be strong and independent, but family are on the first place for them. Ukrainian woman is able to lead a life, to work and raise children, while not resorting to the services of a nanny. She is very feminine and gentle, even though she thinks highly of herself. Unlike the American cult of emancipation is not so popular and developed in Ukraine, so grooms from the USA love to make acquaintance with Ukrainian women. Girls love to flirt and they are happy to accept the tokens.

Famous Ukrainian Women of All Times

If you are looking for ukraine girlfriend, you need to be prepared for the fact that family is very important for her. In Ukraine, relatives are very close to each other and be sure to attend family events. If you come from Italy, you will think that it is normal, but for the Germans and other more conservative Nations it would be a novelty, as relatives could drop by for tea without warning. Most women want to be a mother, so many of them at quite a young age to marry.

They happily immerse themselves in household chores and become homemakers. Ukrainian women like to cook national dishes, that`s why you will have a soup and dumplings on the table of your house. A rich table with a lot of dishes will be waiting for you on holidays. If you previously ordered food from the restaurant, with the advent in your home Ukrainian women, you will forget about it.

How to win the heart of Ukrainian women?

A lot of men ask the question: what are ukrainian women like? What does she expect from a man? First and foremost, mutual respect and warm relationships in the family are very important for her. She does not seek to become the wife of a handsome man from a magazine cover and material possessions are not very important, although, of course, the partner must fulfill the role of breadwinner. Ukrainian women looking for support in their life, both in moral and material terms.

how to date ukrainian girl

It does not mean that these girls are selfish, but the economic situation in the country obliges to search for the partner, who stands firmly on his feet and will be able to provide for his family even in the difficult moments. Single Ukraine ladies willing to meet foreigners and have accounts on Dating Sites. Most of them believe that a handsome foreign Prince will take them to their wonderful country. Young girls are very romantic and if you want to win their heart, make spontaneous visits, give gifts and flowers to them.

real brides wedding dresses

Gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive. You can give nice trinket, a soft toy or a poem in her honor. What do Ukrainian women like in a relationship? You need be honest with her. Ukrainian women do not love lie in relations. They are selfish women so if you’re a fan of “shoot the eyes” and to flirt with other ladies, then be prepared for the sharply negative reaction of your girlfriend. You need to understand, that Ukrainian women can stand up for themselves!

They love well-read and intelligent men. Ukrainian women spend a lot of time to get education, therefore, with such a companion you can talk on various topics. Moreover, most of them love children, therefore it is in your interests to show admiration at the sight amusing and rosy-cheeked toddler.

TOP of the most romantic dates

How to date ukrainian girl? A lot of men are worried about this question. Such a girl seems very independent and she wants the guy to take the first step. Be persistent, but this does not mean that the soulmate must be persecuted. You need to call her, write a message in the social network or in the instant messenger. If she does not agree to the meeting, try again in a few days. She must be sure that you are interested in her.

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Dating a Ukrainian woman tips:

1. Be a gentleman. Your manners should be perfect: open the door of the restaurant in front of her, throw your jacket over your shoulders in cool weather or take your darling in your hands through a puddle.
2. Take the initiative in the conversation, no one likes silent people.
3. Make her a pleasant surprise. It can be a bouquet of flowers, a small souvenir or a sweet gift.
4. Do not get to second base on the first date, but do not be shy if the girl is ready to kiss.

We offer ideas for Ukrainian women dating:
invitation to a restaurant. This is a banal, but the most correct option, how to win the heart of a beloved;
picnic in a picturesque place. This can be a city park or a secluded corner on the beach. Do not forget to take a couple of blankets if you plan to see the sunset in a romantic atmosphere;
attend a cooking workshop together. This is a great way to spend time with value. Psychologists say that cooking together can make people closer;
ride on a yacht. Be sure your soulmate will be delighted with such a pastime. And don’t forget to buy her favorite flowers.

conversation topics on a date

If you want to win the heart of the Ukrainian pick up lines should be directed to enchant her. Make more compliments. Ukrainian women are very beautiful and they know it, but it will not be superfluous to once again admire her appearance. Be gallant and show more interest in her person. Be sure to support the conversation and be smiling, otherwise excessive gloom may scare away the partner. In Ukraine pick up lines do work. A prerequisite is to turn off the phone and abstract from business issues.

Ukrainian pick up lines

Ukrainian pick up lines are very similar to American and European ones. They are used not to pick up a girl right away, but to start a conversation and melt the ice.

Here are some nice Ukrainian pick up lines.

1. I am not from Ukraine, but can U-kraine your body towards mine?

2. Is your name winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.

3. Is it hot here? Or is it all you?

4. Hey, you dropped here something. Oh, it’s my jaw.

5. May I borrow your lips?

Where can you meet Ukrainian girl?

It is possible to meet ukrainian women more often on dating sites. Most of them have a video chat, so you can not only read the messages of your soulmate, but you also see her. On such portals there are posted questionnaires of women from Ukraine of different ages and appearance. You can learn about her hobbies, job, education, family and so on. Correspondence will help you to explore her tastes and preferences. Some marriage agencies arrange themed dating evening with single ladies.


If you are in the city where the event will take place, then be sure to visit it to get to know women in real life. As a rule, the program involves dancing, cocktail party and a pleasant atmosphere where you can meet your soulmate. If you come on a business trip to Ukraine, the date can occur spontaneously. You can meet your future wife in a cafe during a business lunch. And if you are a fan of incendiary dances, go to a local club. There you can meet a lonely girl who is waiting for her prince.

Your friends from Ukraine can also play the role of Cupid. In their company there will definitely be a pretty and lonely young lady who is not averse to meet a man, especially a foreigner. You can meet in a relaxed atmosphere, and then decide whether to continue the conversation. If you met the girl who touched your heart, use our tips on how to make for her a fun and romantic date. Slavic girl is not only very beautiful, she is kind and gentle nature, excellent mistress and wife, so do not miss the chance to conquer her heart, to become one and only for her.

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