Marriage proposal in the sky

Marriage proposal in the sky is a great solution for people who prefer extraordinary actions. If you want your couple to remember this happy moment forever, surprise your partner with a bold and decisive action. If one day you realize that you can’t imagine your life without a soulmate, it’s time to think about offering a hand and a heart. 

Not sure how to do this? You probably want to prepare a surprise that will not only be beautiful, but also be remembered for a long time. Every representative of the weaker sex dreams about a happy day that will forever change her life. You, as her partner, should perfectly know and guess the most secret desires. You have a difficult task – to give your soulmate a real miracle. 

Become her superhero, decisive and brave man. She must understand that she is making the right decision, that you are truly worthy of becoming her husband. Your goal is to hit the bride. If you decide to marriage proposal skydiving with surprise and delight, without thinking twice, she will tell you the long-awaited “Yes!”

marriage proposal skydiving

Extreme sports and extraordinary couples will like marriage proposal while skydiving. Of course, you should clearly understand that the girl will correctly perceive such exotic things. You, like no one else, know your soulmate and if she is afraid of heights in panic, you should not risk it. If you can say with confidence that your future spouse loves unusual adrenaline entertainment, invite her to jump with a parachute.

Do not forget about the rules of safety, approach responsibly to the preparation of this event. Before boarding the plane, you must go through detailed instructions even if you are not making this jump for the first time. It is important that both be mentally prepared for this step. You must understand that you are responsible for your safety. 

In the process of preparation is very important:

  • Choose a club that has a good reputation. Your safety depends on the experience and skills of the instructors. 
  • Choose suitable clothes and shoes. 
  • Do not forget about the most important thing, leave on the ground in advance a prepared bouquet and champagne to mark the event after the presentation of the engagement ring.

You can say the cherished words of the marriage proposal while skydiving or before taking a step out of the aircraft. The girl will be stunned by a double surprise. After moments of free planning in the air and landing, you will get her answer. She will have a few minutes to think, but you can be sure of her agreement. 

marriage proposal skywriting

To implement a skydiving marriage proposal, you must make sure that you do not have any contraindications to it, any health problems that can become an obstacle to your dream:

  • The permissible weight of parachutists is from 40 to 95 kg.
  •  Lack of cardiovascular diseases. 
  • The presence of serious diseases of a chronic nature will become a serious obstacle.
  •  People with vision problems are not allowed to jump. 

Before departure, you will pass medical examination. At this moment you will be close to your girlfriend, it will set you on the right wave and help you to do everything right. Most likely, you will take a tandem jump.

You should first consult with an instructor and discuss possible situations. Be prepared for a long briefing.  We are sure that you will be a great support for each other at a key moment. It is not only romance, but also responsibility! This day you will remember how the most exciting in your life. 

Adrenaline and thrills will not prevent your soulmate to make the right decision. Think over the speech that you make as a confession. Your words must be sincere, it is very important.

Helicopter proposal, as a way to make unforgettable recognition

 Every girl dreams to get an unusual and memorable marriage proposal from her partner. Give your sweetheart unforgettable emotions. A helicopter ride is a great opportunity to keep in mind the moment of the first step towards creating a family.

You will be proud to tell all your friends and children in the future about this interesting adventure. A similar gift you can arrange for any holiday, perhaps the birthday of your partner. At the height of bird flight you will be overwhelmed by romantic feelings.

marriage proposal while skydiving

You can suddenly reach for a ring and make a marriage proposal.  You can play another scenario. You will give your partner a certificate for a helicopter flight. Accompany her on board, but you need to remain on the ground.  When she and the pilots will be the sky, you and your assistants need to unfold a canvas with the inscription: “Will you marry me?”

You can put these words on the ground with the help of various light elements or fireworks. Just imagine the joy of your girlfriend when she looks at that. Surprised and shocked by this view, she will give her consent. How do you like this idea?  Feel free to plan unusual options, you can continue the experiments and cut out the main words about your feelings in a picturesque meadow. Registration depends on your imagination.

Unusual way to make a proposal – marriage proposal skywriting

 Nowadays, there are a large number of companies and agencies that organize such events. It is not difficult to find people who will help you with the organization.  The Internet is replete with announcements of such services.  

If you entrust the work of preparing professionals, you will need to think over and prepare the appropriate text for skywriting.  As you understand, you will have to pay a lot of money on this pleasure. Therefore, calculate and estimate your budget.

Compare the pricing policy of different companies, then you will be able to navigate the cost of such services. This opportunity is once in a lifetime, so you should not economize.

For this surprise you will need:

  •  a certain amount of money;
  •  ring, in advance find out the suitable size;
  •  choose a place of action.

 If you decide to use this opportunity for your own purposes, it is useful to know what different companies offer:

 1) It takes 4 seconds to write one character.

 2) The size of each letter is approximately 400 meters.

 3) The length of the message can be several kilometers.

 This truly magnificent and fascinating spectacle will not leave the beautiful lady indifferent.

 The organizers should clarify the exact time when the message appears. It is important not to miss this fascinating moment, because it will not last long.  Of course, in order for the skywriting proposal to bring the maximum amount of positive emotions, it is important to choose the right and private place.

It will be better to go for a walk out of town, where various buildings do not interfere with the contemplation of the beautiful picture.  Think under what pretext you can take your lady away from the city. This trip may be delayed, take some food with you to eat.  When you find the appointed place, ask the girl to admire the passing clouds.

And at the agreed time she will see the desired words in the sky. Just imagine how her eyes will shine when she will see the inscription in huge letters “marry me”.  Skywriting is a new and unusual way to make a pleasant surprise, which will be appreciated by your soulmate. After she sees the skywriting proposal, it’s time for your action.


Take a hand of your partner, say her all main words for you. It will be the most crucial moment in your life. It will be appropriate to stand on one knee and get a small casket with decoration.  Keep in mind that the characters will be clearly readable for 3-4 minutes, after which they will disappear without a trace.  

After getting her answer, you can safely go to celebrate. As both of you are on a romantic wave, spend the rest of your time together. It will be great if you reserve a table in the restaurant or make sure that a small picnic is organized nearby. You will be pleased to drink a glass of sparkling wine and relax, admiring the views of the surrounding nature.

Creative approach is the key to success

 Show imagination, because the elaboration of small details will depend on you. Only you know your partner, you are guided in her tastes and preferences. You have the power to create an indescribable and unique atmosphere of romance that will forever remain in your memory.

If you both dream of flying and altitude, a great way to entertain your soulmate is to invite her on a trip to the flying club. Airplane writing in the sky will have a terrific effect. Your bride will be delighted if during the aerial performance she sees in the sky “Be my wife!” or “Marry me!”.

 The organization of a proposal for partner to become your spouse depends only on your imagination. It does not matter how much money you invest, the main thing is your loyal and sincere feelings.

Frankly tell the bride about the feelings that overwhelm you, remember what you thought when you saw her for the first time.We wish you the realization of your creative ideas. We are sure that your soulmate will respond to you in return and will make you agreeable to be yours forever.

 We hope that the proposed options will be useful to you and help to achieve the desired effect.  The next important step is to prepare for the magic of your wedding.

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