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The love between two people is a very strong feeling. Does it remain so when we begin to love two people at the same time? Is it even possible for two people to have equally strong emotions? What to do when you’re in love with two people? How do you decide to give up one love for another? We are going to discuss all these issues today. 

A wife and a lover or two equally fascinating admirers – is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? From the point of view of psychology, it is a temporary state, related to the developmental crisis of the relationship or its members.

Imagine that I am meeting two men at the same time and I am in love with two people how to choose because I am very attracted to both of them. How do get out of such a decision-making stalemate?

Do you have to choose one at this stage? This is what the beginning of a relationship usually looks like because it’s good to know what the choice is about. But as relationships develop, their space becomes more and more exclusive, and personal, and then continuing more than one intimate relationship at a time begins to resemble parallel worlds. Question: when does this parallelism begin to get in the way? Really can a person be in love with two people? How far is man able to live in split realities, how far can one live with oneself and forget about another one? In these separate worlds, history is monogamous. As long as they do not intersect, they are real in an enclosed space.

can you be in love with two people at the same time

I’m in Love with Two People: How Does it Begin?

This is simple. A young girl on the threshold of entering the phase of starting a family will more often choose a well-mannered and promising man, but when she is around 40 – a romantic on a motorcycle, although not necessarily permanently. Life runs along a parabola that rises first. Along the way, we go through the stages of a child, a teenager, a young adult, a mature adult, and finally, it comes to old age. Somewhere in the middle of our lives, we reach the top of the parabola. Going down it, we have similar stages as during the journey up. The midlife crisis phase corresponds to the teenage age; childhood and old age are on the same level, which is why the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents is so close.

Let us take an example from this declining phase. We have a house and children, and suddenly the third person appears. Usually, it is very different from the partner. Ask yourself, don’t be afraid: “Can I be in love with two people or am I missing something in the relationship?” What are we looking for in lovers and lovers? Variations?

Everything that is missing in a steady relationship. Usually, a relationship is created by some aspect of us, others are less or not fulfilled in it, and that is what is sought outside. If he brought that back into the relationship, he’d get richer. It also happens that something – for example, a crazier or more ambitious one – is missing not permanently, but temporarily. If this is done, the romance is no longer needed.

in love with two people

Who to Choose When You Love Two People?

Because you have to be aware of whom you are in what relationship. Do you seek an open relationship or something else? And then the choice is more often on the spouse. But romance sets off a great deal of energy that cannot be accessed in a relationship. And even when the romance is over, that energy stays in the person. Usually, when someone starts romancing, they change – they become happier, more relaxed, and more interesting. This phase of being in love with two people also carries over to a permanent relationship. Then, of course, there is a catastrophe, but at the very beginning, that could be beneficial for a long-term relationship.

Few manage to keep the aspect of them that they have found in a relationship with a lover or even in an innocent flirtation – to keep it for longer or permanently. People follow what flirts with them. But when they wake up from it, they usually think it was just a dream and not an actual life change or a change of partner. In addition, a relationship that has the status of a romance has a different dynamic from that of a permanent relationship and its roles. 

Someone attractive as a lover does not necessarily have to be attractive as a partner. A relationship in love with two people quotes described perfectly by Johnny Depp: “If you fall in love with two people choose the second. Because if you loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”. In situations in love with two people, quotes by him are used so often in the world.

In Love with Two People – What are Consequences?

If you have a new romance each time, it could mean two things. First explanation: the next lover is there for the relationship to change somehow because it didn’t happen before, or another, different quality to integrate appeared. Second explanation: this relationship has no emotional safety and is about to end. This can happen if someone stays in a relationship and it does not come from the fact that they want to be with that person but is afraid to take a risk or stays because it is more convenient, safer, and easier for them.

if you fall in love with two people choose the second

Is “I’m in love with two people” State Temporary?

These are parallel different states, emotions, and sensations of different figures. You can feel this way for a moment, but for a long time – this situation can’t last. Every relationship needs to develop, and for this, you need presence and commitment. If they are missing, certain things will not happen between partners. Most of such double or multiple relationships are associated with development crises of relationships or people who create them when we try to integrate new qualities that are difficult for us – i.e., for example, one of the partners is ripe for an important change, and the other, it is too violent. 

Trying to create a parallel love relationship in a way resembles the action of an addicted person – something is missing in the relationship or life, so they try to take it from someone. And if a permanent relationship blocks such a process, we are moving towards a different relationship that will enable us to do so.

People have years of relationships that they call the love of their lives, but they don’t feel that love at all. At the same time, they want it very much and that is why they look for it in parallel relationships. Unfortunately, to no avail. Such attempts at best satisfy the need to search for authentic feeling but do not give it. You will admit, however, that there is something beautiful about people wanting to experience love honestly. After all, even songs about being in love with two people are sung only about two persons.

i'm in love with two people


1. What do I do if I’m in love with two people?

It is possible to love another person in the same or a different style, but only one of them can reach the stage of commitment. Someone else’s feeling is not necessarily going to be complete. The basic principle of engaged love is the belief that we trust the other person and can trust him. If we think we are attracted to someone else, let’s consider how this will affect our long-term partner and whether it is worth entering into another relationship, because we have already achieved so much in our current relationship.

2. Can you be truly in love with two people at the same time?

Successful relationships depend on being guided by your happiness as well as that of the other person. We must not forget the responsibility that begins to weigh us down when we decide to enter into a closer relationship with someone. If we think we love two people, consider which of these feelings is more valuable to us.

3. What is it called to be in love with 2 people?

Polyamory is a term that comes from the Greek “poly” (many) and the Latin “amor” (love); hence it has come to be defined as plural love or plural love. The official definition of polyamory is a love relationship with more than one person at the same time.

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