Ukrainian women stereotypes

As we all know, Ukrainian women are almost perfect wives, and every man in the world wishes to marry them. However, they have a few requirements and stereotypes about family life, so it is important to know them to please them.

The origin of Ukrainian Women’s stereotypes

For centuries, marriage for a Ukrainian woman was quite a pragmatic step. By giving herself to a man, a Ukrainian woman shifted responsibility for her survival and well-being to him. This was considered the norm and has been consistently cultivated from generation to generation. The parents themselves were looking for a successful party for their daughters. After all, if a son could provide food for his parents’ when they become old, then nothing like that could be expected from their daughters.

In social life, a Ukrainian woman for a long time had only a “subordinate” meaning. Therefore, parents tried to marry their daughter to the maximum benefit for themselves quickly. In this way, they took care of her, and with proper luck, used her female attractiveness with pleasure as a chance to intermarry with a more productive and more influential family. From the point of view of the Ukrainian woman herself, nothing was degrading in this situation. Marriage was a deal in which a Ukrainian woman received material and social benefits in exchange for the right to possess herself. Love, respect and affection could participate in this, but they were never a necessary attribute.

What happens in our times


But with the advent of new times, when the relationship between a man and a Ukrainian woman began to rely more and more on the principle of mutual pleasure, and the Ukrainian woman gained and affirmed the right to complete her social independence, the institution of marriage found itself in an interesting situation. The criterion for choosing a marriage partner is “love” – a temporary complex of emotional experiences, which is put above all reasonable arguments. And although no one really has a clue about what this “love” is, Ukrainian women attache so much importance to it that relationships without love already seem unthinkable. A marriage of convenience, which has always been a normal and natural phenomenon, is now condemned as mercantile and insensitive.

Why else do they need a man?

Here we smoothly translate into the plane of the psychological needs of the Ukrainian woman, the responsibility for the realization of which she also shifts to the man. Now he should behave in such a way that a Ukrainian woman would stop feeling her inferiority. And if he does not do this, he is to blame. This is the stumbling block because of which most families get destroyed. A Ukrainian woman is trying to get out of the state of internal conflict at the expense of men. But since he cannot play conflicting roles, a woman, sooner or later, feels that a man lacks something for her.

Female pride

This side of the game forces a Ukrainian woman to choose such a man, who will give her a certain status. A man should be a winner, a leader, a typical “lover.” When a  woman manages to attract such a man to herself, she gets confirmation of her own worth and calms down for a while. The primary means of attracting “cool” men is sexuality. A Ukrainian woman challenges men, offering to fight for her favor, and then peacefully surrenders to the winner. But even then, the Ukrainian woman continues to test the man for strength. Provoking him to show strength, she makes a kind of professional fitness test. If the man is stronger, then the test is passed, and if not, then it’s time to look for a replacement.

stereotypes of Ukrainian women

There is also a downside. However, the woman wants to see a strong man next to her and be defeated by him; she herself wants to defeat him. Having chosen the “coolest” man among other men and having achieved his attention, a woman begins to subordinate him to herself. In fact, a Ukrainian woman seeks to entirely and solely seize a man – his attention, his time, his actions, his desires, and his soul. This is where many family conflicts arise when a wife requires her husband to abandon her friends for her, to share her values, to accept her inner world and so on. Using the terminology from an article about male behavior patterns, a Ukrainian woman tries to reclassify a “lover” as a “husband”.

Ukrainian women woman want to feel needed

The second stereotype makes a Ukrainian woman look for a different type of relationship. In a relationship with a lover, there should be passion, admiration, playfulness, and for some time these feelings are enough to believe in mutual love. But the intensity and heat of these emotions imply that they burn through as quickly as they arise. There is no that eternal love that every Ukrainian woman dreams of. The lover creates a sense of self-worth in a woman, makes her feel her sexual attractiveness, but he cannot penetrate her soul and soothe emotional anxiety.

A Ukrainian woman wants to get from the man exactly the feeling that makes her feel that she remains good and loved for him. Receiving such recognition from a man, a Ukrainian woman can calm down for some time and reconcile with herself. When they say that every woman wants to love and be loved, it’s about this kind of infantile-romantic relationship. Beautiful courtship, knightly behavior, serenades under the window, ardent declarations of love create a feeling of inner peace for a woman. That is how Ukrainian women imagine the perfect husband. He must love a woman, take care of her, fulfill her whims, regret and reassure her and, in general, be at her complete disposal. But there is a downside here.

First, receiving from the man all the signs of love that one can think of, the woman remains unsatisfied. At first, it seems to her that she got into a fairy tale, but soon, the man’s wholehearted love slowly begins to annoy her. The relationship of a man and a woman suddenly turns into a relationship between mother and child. The man completely loses his independence and submits to the woman. As a result, he loses all authority in the eyes of a woman, which means that his opinion can no longer be taken for granted. Now his admonitions are losing their magic power and do not bring past peace. A woman loses the emotional support for which she entered into a relationship with this man.

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