Ukrainian girls and marriage

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” Jane Austen stated that back in the 19th century, but her idea still remains relevant. Thousands of well-to-do men are ready to travel the world in search of their true love. Their eyes turn to Ukraine. Ukrainian girls are top-listed among the most desirable wives in the world. If before foreigners wanted to find a full-figured woman with nice curves, now it is trendy to have a slender sportive girl. So what kind of Ukrainian girls and marriage offers are the most attractive for foreign grooms?

If a girl smokes a lot, treats herself with a glass of strong alcohol and enjoys fast food, she will not marry a Frenchman. There are enough feminist women of this kind in Paris. For the French, it is important if the girl leads a healthy lifestyle or not. They need a lady that looks good, can support the conversation and has a good educational background. Nowadays, slim girls are popular even in the USA. While American brides swallow up kilograms of hamburgers, American men go to seek love among slender Ukrainian women.

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If we consider that in America the percentage of people being overweight is more than 70%, then for Americans it is especially important be in a good shape. So, they really appreciate pretty girls with a good figure, without excess weight. For them, the slender the girls is, the more beautiful she looks in their eyes. Being skinny is really an indicator of beauty. Japanese gentlemen also come here to get a thin woman. But to move to the land of the rising sun, a girl needs to have not only long legs, but also a doll’s face – just like the heroines of Japanese animated films.

If the excess weight is frightening for many foreign gentlemen, the children from her first marriage is not a problem at all. Many men think that if a woman has her children, then she will accept his children from the previous marriage.  And yet, according to official statistics, the most loyal fans of Ukrainian women are Americans and Germans. In a year thousands of these men hoping to find love come to Ukraine. It is a well-known fact that there are more women than men in Ukraine. The majority of ladies are beautiful. In abundance of choice, Ukrainian men have ceased to appreciate the wonderful qualities of their women.

They abuse women, don’t take care of them and even cheat upon their wives. These are the reasons why Ukrainian women began searching for their female happiness abroad. They look for understanding, respect and love that foreign men can give. Ukrainian women are recognized beauties. This distinctive feature is known all over the world. That’s why men from all over the world come here to marry a charming lady. But it is not so widely known that in Ukrainian families girls are brought up as future wives and mothers. In addition, they have many wonderful qualities that distinguish them from the rest. Let’s take a look at the Characteristics of Ukrainian girls.

First, Ukrainian women are gorgeous.
We have already mentioned that a couple of times, but it is impossible not to remember once again. They have shining bright eyes and lovely smiles. They can express a wide range of emotions just with one look. In addition, most of them have a beautiful figure, and they know how to remain fit. If you go out with such a lady, she knows how to show off. Make-up, outfit, manners – you will be proud to have her by your side.

Secondly, they are love personified.

 It may seem strange but Ukrainian ladies look at the life with the eyes of love: a girl learns to love her children’s toys, because she must be careful with them, then she will certainly have to love mom, dad and all the relatives, as she must be a good girl. Later she will have a favorite ice cream, a favorite subject at school, and of course, there will be the first love. Ukrainian girls learn to love everything around them. It is a way of life and a state of mind at the same time. But one thing can be taken for granted: love is the meaning of their life.

Ukrainian women do not know how to be lonely!
There is nothing worse for a Ukrainian woman than to be without a man. And it’s not a matter of material conveniences or sex; she just doesn’t feel complete without a husband and a family. Because of this pathological fear of loneliness, women often live with men who, to put it mildly, do not appreciate and respect them. Women often compromise on something that they shouldn’t at all. They even forgive adultery and continue to glue together the pieces of the broken relationship hoping that things will change for the better. But they won’t. Maybe that is a society that puts double standards for men and women. An unmarried man is single and desirable, but an unmarried woman is lonely and lost. If a girl is not married at the age of 30, her mom and relatives will attack her with annoying offers to date  “a handsome” boy next door.

They are passionate.
Ukrainian women are hot and passionate in bed, but at the same time, they are loving and faithful wives. Sex for them is not a duty, but a pleasure and a way to keep intimacy in marriage. There is an opinion that Ukrainian women manipulate men with the help of sex, but it’s not true. Just men themselves cannot resist them and surround to this sweet prison of love. Ukrainian women enjoy intimate life and know how to make love so that the satisfaction is mutual. They do not divide the notions “sex” and “love”, for most Ukrainians good sex is possible only with a loved man.

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Caring guardian of the family hearth.
Ukrainian women are able to take care of everyone in the family. And they don’t share this responsibility. Their men and children will always be neatly dressed and well-fed. And this is not something extraordinary for a Ukrainian girl, it simply goes without saying. She was raised in that way.
In addition, they are able to create comfort in the house. A rare Ukrainian woman will pass by a beautiful dinning set or a vase that fits perfectly into her kitchen. They like to be surrounded with beautiful things. If a loving husband notices a new vase and puts fresh flowers there, she will be happy. It is true: they love flowers and cute gifts that show affection of the man.

Ukrainian girls are well-educated.
The majority of Ukrainians have higher education. It is believed that a good wife should certainly be well-educated.
They know how to behave and how to maintain a conversation. You will have a good interlocutor and a nice partner for your business. Girls are well-versed in history and politics, geography and economics. They enjoy travelling and discovering the beauties of the world. So, you will always have something to talk about. Isn’t it great to have a like-minded person by your side?

In Ukraine children belong to mothers.
What does it mean? Children are loved and cherished here. But at the same time kids are taught to respect elderly people. Mostly it is women who are busy with education and care of kids: moms and grannies devote lots of time to their beloved children. This is not their whim, but the circumstances that are dictated by the society.
Therefore, the Ukrainian woman will be deeply touched if the man offers her to share troubles with the child for two parents. You will be a hero in her eyes if you wake up at night to help with a baby. She will definitely tell about you to all her friends and relatives.

Ukrainian women are great housewives.
They have a great skill: to cook a tasty dinner out of nothing. They are sure that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach. So, women use this skill as a tasty weapon. Girls learn how to cook when they are teenagers. Many families have recipes passed on from generation to generation. Soup, dumplings, pancakes, stew, tarts —this list can be continued on and on! And to say nothing of the taste!
Ukrainian wife will never allow the situation when her husband comes home from work and has nothing to eat for dinner.

Her duty is to make sure that the family always eats well, and she cooks the most delicious items she can. If speaking about the everlasting man’s dream to have a lady in public, a chef in a kitchen, a mother for future kids and a hot lover in the bed room, you stand good chances to get all these things with a Ukrainian wife. Of course, there is a black sheep in each family. Not all Ukrainians are same. There are cheaters, irresponsible or lazy ladies, and gold-diggers as well.

Some women see foreigners only as a ticket to a better life out of Ukraine. But, from the other hand, there are bad people and good people everywhere in the world. That’s why every man coming to Ukraine must be careful and attentive, though, hoping for the better. So, to sum up everything that has been said, Ukrainian women are highly professional wives. One thing is true for them: a real Ukrainian woman will follow her man to the end of the earth. And this characteristic makes them so popular in the eyes of foreigners.

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