What does a typical Ukrainian neighborhood look like

The life of the Ukrainians and the traditions associated with it are fascinating and diverse. They have passed through the centuries without losing their beauty and brightness. The life of Ukrainians, their holidays, cooking, weddings, and other rituals are observed not only by the older generation but also by young people. There is something mysterious and intimate in keeping the rules of celebration a Christmas, Easter or Ivan Kupala. These people are reflected in gastronomic preferences, songs, dances, and national costumes.

Typical Ukraine

People inhabiting Ukraine

Today, the main population of Ukraine are Ukrainians and Russians themselves. Also Belarusians, Moldovans, Tatars, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians and Poles live in the Ukrainian territories. In addition, some Ukrainians live in foreign territories: in Canada, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. The Ukrainian nationality is also made up of foreign Rusyns – Slovaks, Serbs, Americans and Canadians. Moreover, there are many Hutsuls. Modern Ukraine included Slavic and Iranian-speaking peoples for a long time.

Gradually, the Turks evicted the Iranians. Also for some time, the Germans lived here. But the Greeks, Armenians and Jews lived the longest on the Ukrainian lands. In Soviet times, the composition of the population of Ukraine changed somewhat – Jews, Poles, Germans, Tatars began to leave the territory of Ukraine, and at the same time the Russian people began to move there. The ethnic structure of Ukraine has changed under the influence of both external and internal factors – religion, differences in living standards, historical events and foreign policy.

Culture and life

Ukrainian life is full of exciting and religious aspects. Tourists have always admired the beauty of the nature of these places and the nature of the people. The main feature of the Ukrainian nationality is the love of labor and agriculture. This feature appeared in ancient times because the Ukrainian people have always been depended on agriculture.

If we talk about national clothes, then men’s outfit cannot be compared in brightness and beauty with women’s. A beautifully embroidered shirt is girded with a belt edge. A velvet or silk corset and an embroidered apron are worn over it. Clothing is decorated with colorful ribbons, giving a special color along. A men’s suit looks much more straightforward than a women’s one: a long shirt, harem pants, and a long belt.

Traditions of Ukrainian hospitality

Guest is always welcome in the Ukrainian family. In the most difficult financial situation, the person who came to the house will be surely fed, watered, and warmed. A guest is given from above, and offending him is to sin against the Lord. Guest will provide the best place in the house for him. The Ukrainian family will listen, support and help. A guest is always a respected person who should feel like at home. The way the family receives guests makes up its reputation in society.

Ukrainian wedding traditions

A wedding in Ukraine is a long and complicated process that takes place in several stages: matchmaking, engagement, and wedding (marriage). A variety of customs and rites represents each stage. So, for example, if a girl brings a pumpkin to a young man at matchmaking, then she refused him, and such a refusal was not only offensive but even shameful for the groom’s family.

If everything went well, and the couple has developed their relationships, the bride puts bread and salt on the towel, personifying a well-fed future family life. A traditional loaf is baked before the wedding, and the groom can pick up his bride only after the ransom and certain conditions are met. At the end of the wedding, the girl unravels her braid, showing everyone that now she is a married woman.

Traditions of raising children

Immediately after the birth of the child, the midwife identifies the sex of the baby. They bath the child in accordance with the sex: a girl gets chamomile in the bath (to be beautiful) and the boys with oak leaves (so that he grows up strong and healthy). Up to seven years, children of both sexes wear shirts, and only at seven years boys and girls begin to wear different clothes. In general, it is customary to indulge children with sweets, toys, games, to give them a lot of attention, and to teach them to work.

Holiday traditions

All holidays, especially religious ones, are always accompanied by feasts, songs, tales and parables. The first to taste the cooked dishes is the eldest member of the family, and then it is allowed to eat to everyone else. Christmas is one of the most revered holidays, always accompanied by carols and generosities. Singing religious songs is a whole art that was learned from elders.

Carnival is brightly celebrated with pancakes, sweets and the use of berry tinctures and kvass. Easter is also celebrated with songs, dances, and the number of dishes on the table should have struck the imagination of any guest. The younger generation most loves the pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala. On this day a halo of romance, love, and hopes for a happy family life reigns. Divination and signs that are popular in this day accompany almost all the holidays.

Interesting superstitions and signs

Superstitions can also be attributed to the traditions of Ukrainians. Many believe in them and reverently observe.

Funny superstitions:

  • if salt is scattered, then you will cry soon;
  • when moving to a new house, the cat must enter first. It will lead to prosperity and quiet life;
  • it is impossible to pass something through the threshold. It will lead to a quarrel;
  • if you sit on the corner of the table, then you will be lonely soon.

Ancestors invented most of the superstitions in the distant past, but many of them are still observed. Such national wealth, the hospitality of the Ukrainians, and the unusual traditions will appeal to every guest of the country.

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