Wedding ring | Do Ukrainian women dream of marriage?

Arriving in Kyiv, foreigners often experience a real shock after seeing the
concentration of beauties on the streets of the capital. But such bewitching the attractiveness of Ukrainian women lies not only in their beautiful faces. Strong personal qualities and the right attitudes that have been put in their heads since childhood form the core strength that attracts the attention of men from all over the world.

Jewelry | Ukrainian Girls dream of marriage, photo - Ukrainian-ladies
Wedding jewelry is a very important attribute of the whole marriage process.

Is there a reason to go to Ukraine looking for a wife?

And the first thing that is particularly admired by foreigners is the devotion to family values. Throughout all the hardships and misfortunes in Ukrainian history, the woman has always acted as the keeper of the hearth and family. Centuries were followed by centuries, and at the genetic level, Ukrainian girls retained the art of creating comfort and harmony in the house, as well as taking care of their loved ones. Today, despite the self-realization and career, the family stands for Ukrainian women in the first place, and family traditions are passed on from generation to generation.

For these reasons, Ukrainian girls dream of a marriage proposal. And what is more interesting, if a young woman is not married by the age of 27-29, everyone will make her tired, asking why she is still single. A typical Ukrainian woman does not see her happiness without marriage. This is their mentality. It was nicely reflected in the iconic Soviet movie “Moscow does not believe in tears”. The main woman character Katerina was a successful director of the factory. Having respect from people and a good financial state, she does not see her life complete without a man.
After a heart-breaking love experience in her youth, she keeps searching for true love. Finally, at the age of forty, she falls in love with Gosha, a tool and dies maker.

He is lower in the social position, but he has the proper attitude, and she sees him as a strong man’s shoulder. That’s all you need to know about Ukrainians: in spite of being strong and independent, they still want to have a stronger man beside them.

Do Ukrainian women dream of marriage? Of course they do! | Ukrainian-ladies photo, wedding.
What really makes a couple happy?

Ukrainian girls do not want to fight for equal rights. On the contrary,
they are too much tired of being responsible for everything in the family.

The flip side of the coin

But at the same time, there are many Ukrainian women for whom successful marriage is the only goal in life. They see a marriage with a foreigner as a ticket to a dream future. Modern psychologists call most of the hunters for foreigners “a provincial chicken” because the chicken has a small brain and narrow horizons.

Such a girl lives with illusions. She is legally illiterate. She does not seek to realize herself in the profession, to learn foreign languages or to try a new environment.

But she dreams of her foreign Prince Charming that will take her away to a fairy tale. If something does not work the way she wants, she becomes angry as a child, stomps his feet, rushes to her mother and friends, lovers and fortune-tellers, instead of analyzing the situation calmly and trying to solve the issue as an adult person.

Some girls obviously cannot solve the problems life throws to them | Ukrainian-ladies photo

Being an adult is much more difficult, of course, but more interesting. Ukrainian women often marry Italians, Germans, Americans, Poles, and Turkish.

Girls get acquainted in the social networks, during travels, and seasonal work abroad or with the help of a marriage agency. According to statistics, a third of international families get divorced within 5 years.
What couples divorce? Those spouses divorce who married for the sake of profit.

Divorce is filed by women who dream not about the relationship, but about the partner’s money. Among the divorced, there are many women who married to get documents for citizenship and legalize their stay in another country. Some simply cannot get used to a different culture, language, and mentality. Half of those divorced women come back to their motherland. The other half of Ukrainians successfully settles abroad.  As you see, Ukrainian women continue dreaming about foreign men, believing in “the Western paradise”.

Dream marriage for Ukrainian women

Since their early youth, Ukrainian girls dream of the marriage and family. They fancy the most beautiful wedding ceremony with a white dress, a handsome groom, beautiful surrounding, and many guests. It is hard to find a girl who has never imagined a heart-touching first dance with her beloved man.

Is it wrong to dream of marriage? Surely not! So, Ukrainian ladies dream and try making their dreams come true.

Ukrainian girls dream of marriage a lot - photo, Ukrainian-ladies
Sweet dreams

What makes Ukrainian-women dream of marriage?

They believe that after the wedding, their life will be like a fairy tale with lots of love and happiness. In fact, these ladies are ready to do whatever it takes to make a happy family. But unfortunately, a great number of them simply fail. They suffer from lazy husbands, who prefer watching TV the whole day, who do not take care of their looks, who do not want to support a family.

Such things push Ukrainian girls to search for their love elsewhere. They consider dating with foreign men and become astonished when someone can appreciate such simple things as a tasty home-made dinner, cozy house, and warm hugs. A foreigner, in his turn, feels so lucky to get a girl who sees him as ahead of the family. Indeed, this proper attitude makes an international marriage work, despite all the differences in mentality and culture.

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