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Tell me what you do in your free time, and I will tell you what kind of person you are. Do you agree about that?
Indeed, the way you spend your free time can say a lot about you – your temperament type, your educational level, and even the amount of your income.

How this can be? Well, things are quite clear. If you prefer active rest, it means that you are an extravert. An uneducated person won’t spend weekends visiting museums and reading books (unless this person enjoys self-development), and a poor guy won’t play golf and sail expensive yachts.

How Do Ukrainian Girls Spend Their Leisure Time? A girl reading a book

Surely, in each country, the common way of spending leisure time is different because it depends on the climate conditions, national mentality, traditions and the standard of living.

What about Ukrainians? How do they spend their days off?

In this new study, experts of the expert-analytical center of the International recruiting site ( studied typical weekends of Ukrainians as they really are.

They found out that 91% of Ukrainians believe that the weekend should be spent relaxing. In such days a person can not only distract from work problems but also devote time to the family, to settle some personal issues, etc. At the same time, 4% of respondents do not believe that the weekend is a time for entertainment.

But 5% of respondents said that weekends can be both free days for rest and time for working processes. The survey participants noted that they would prefer to rest at the weekend, but in case of urgent work issues, they are ready to solve them.

Nevertheless, those women who still have a hobby, most prefer embroidery as this option was chosen by 20% of respondents. Another 15% are engaged in sports in their leisure time. At the same time, 9% of women spend their free time with a book, and another 4% — do not mind digging in the garden.

The least common hobbies in the country are cooking, taking care of flowers or a car, singing, watching TV, drawing, wood carving, surfing the Internet and playing on PSP or a computer. Only 1-3% of respondents chose these options.
As you can see, Ukrainian women have many options to spend their free time with joy. Someone collects postcards, toys, someone likes autographs of famous people, and someone loves to cook and sing in the bathroom. Ukrainian women are uniquely versatile creatures and they manage to do a lot of things at the same time.
They care the household, go to work, raise kids, support elderly parents and
relatives, give lots of love to a husband and do a number of other important things.
They are supergirls. You cannot but agree about that!
At the same time, such things as constant nervousness, sleepless nights, worries of the house matters and life, a lot of household chores really exhaust a woman.

Therefore, a hobby that allows you to forget about your problems and distract from the daily routine, should be mandatory. This is a kind of relaxation, which is necessary for women. And they have it!
So, let’s consider the most popular hobbies of Ukrainian housewives, business ladies and other representatives of the most beautiful half of the Ukrainian society in details.

Here is a shortlist of what Ukrainian women do in their free time:

  1. Sportive hobby
    This is exactly the kind of a hobby that helps a Ukrainian lady to develop persistence, physical strength, endurance and eliminates bad mood because it contributes to the production of the “hormone of happiness”. Often a sports hobby involves spending quite a long time in the fresh air and, as a rule, in a large company. Also, this is the main occupation for those women who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. The most popular sports activities are fitness, work-out in the gym, yoga, jogging, dance classes, and swimming.
  2. Shopping
    Some believe that shopping is a kind of hobby, while others call it financial debauchery and addiction. It is also believed that shopping is able to cope successfully with those problems that are beyond the reach of medical means or psychiatrists. There is an opinion that can even help to cope with depression. Is that really so? There is no definite answer, but it is safe to note that shopping really improves the mood of a person and contributes to the release of a solid portion of adrenaline in the blood. You cannot say that Ukrainian ladies are addicted to shopping, but you can hardly find a girl who would refuse to buy one more pair of shoes. They call it anti-stress therapy.
  3. Language courses
    These gorgeous women from Ukraine enjoy self-development as well. If a lady dreams of a better job or wants to have a new start in life, guess what she does? She starts learning a new language. The leading one is English, of course. So, you may be lucky to get a girl from Ukraine who is fluent in English.
  4. Creative hobby
    This is the biggest category as it includes everything from drawing to pottery. But one thing is sure: creativity is in the blood of Ukrainian girls. Since ancient times, any Ukrainian woman has been busy with some kind of creative art, be it sewing or embroidery. Middle-aged and elderly women are really fond of knitting. Such creative hobbies calm the mind. It is a kind of meditation. Also, hand-work is the best way to express your feelings to a close person. If your Ukrainian girlfriend gave you a knitted scarf or sweater or gifted you an embroidered picture, be sure that she has feelings to you. And her hand-made surprise is a reflection of her attitude to you.
  5. Smart hobby
    Having started communication with Ukrainian women, you will be surprised to see how many smart girls live here. Most of them can boast a university degree. Developing their brain is how Ukrainian women like to spend their free time. They read a lot, go to the exhibitions, get another degree, solve puzzles and so on. Such women love long intellectual talks, so if you hardly read 2 books in your adult life…well, you’d better find someone else or develop yourself.
  6. Unusual hobby
    Surely there are women who love doing something rare or unique. Some women love mountaineering, sky diving, archeology, collecting matchboxes, etc. In Ukraine now you can meet lots of young people who say that their hobby is photography and blogging. If it is your case, be ready to spend many hours making the best shots for her Instagram account or blog.


Concluding everything said above, it is worth noting that Ukrainian ladies are passionate natures. They love doing something that makes their heart beat faster. Maybe you will be lucky to discover that you both enjoy doing the same things. They say geniuses recognize one another. Will it be your story?

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