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Useful dating tips for shy guys that will work for sure

If you are reading this article, it means only one thing: your heart has been stolen by a real beauty from Ukraine. And now you are thinking about how to charm her and make her fall for you.
Things are complicated by your natural shyness and lack of confidence. You are worried that you may screw up all the matter. Don’t worry, with our useful dating tips for shy teenage guys and mature men you will be a success!
First of all, if you want to date with a girl from Ukraine, you have to take into account their national mentality and character.

What things Ukrainian women can’t stand when dating with a man?

  1. Greed
    Even if you do not meet in real life, but communicating online, that is not the reason to be greedy. Don’t tell that after you meet in reality, you will shower her with flowers. A woman from Ukraine may not even give you a chance to meet in reality if you keep talking that all women need expensive gifts from men. These women know how to earn themselves, but they want to have a man who can provide a family. By the way, you will have to pay for dinner because it is not customary to share the bill with a woman in Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian girls love flowers on any occasion. The smell of beautiful flowers makes them happy. And it doesn’t matter what you think about it. If she hinted that she wanted flowers, the worst thing a man can do is to say that he considers it a useless gift.
  2. Unwillingness to take responsibility
    An irresponsible guy is the worst of the types of men women can’t stand. If a lady from Ukraine enters into a relationship, she wants to feel care and protection which is impossible without man’s responsibility.
  3. Immature men
    Ukrainian women have a joke that the first forty years of man’s childhood are the toughest. Many women see their husband as a child who needs care and cannot take decisions. But, still, they want a mature man who will be the head of the family.
  4. Lack of attention
    The main idea that must be included in the list of online dating tips for shy guys is not to leave her messages unanswered. If you do not answer her messages the whole day, be sure that your Ukrainian girl has played out a scenario of terrible things that could happen to you (“maybe he left me, maybe he got into an accident, maybe aliens stole him”) Therefore, try to take a minute of your precious time by replying her messages, and of course, adding: “I’m sorry, my love, I’m so busy, but I will tell you everything later” in order to avoid her going crazy.
  5. Mr. Blabbermouth
    Maybe you never worried about how to start a conversation. On the contrary, you talk too much in order to hide your shyness and lack of confidence. You think that in this way you will make her entertained, and it will give you a certain confidence. Maybe it works for you. But Ukrainian women don’t like men who talk too much. A talkative man is good as a friend, but not as a reliable life partner. If a man wastes all his energy on gossiping, and there is no action — it’s a girlfriend.
  6. Untidy men
    Ukrainian women do not like men who do not take care of themselves. A man who does not keep his body clean and neat, who does not care what he is wearing, so he is either a savage or a small child. Ukrainian ladies like men who smell good. It is a kind of a test for them. They believe if a woman likes the smell of a man’s body, they are compatible. If your woman doesn’t like your smell even after the shower, she not for you. And there is nothing you can do about it because it’s physiology.

After you know what Ukrainian women do not like about men, you can avoid these mistakes and create a positive image of you.

Dating tips for shy guys, photo Ukrainian-Ladies
Try to make her happy with you.

How to start a conversation with Ukrainian girls if you are shy?

Shyness is one of the main reasons preventing young men from making a successful acquaintance. Sings of the lack of self-confidence:

  • you speak too fast, stammer or mumble;
  • you jump from topic to topic in an attempt to maintain a conversation
  • your voice is trembling;
  • awkward moves, your hands are shaking;
  • you are constantly sweating.

By these signs, any girl can easily guess that you have low self-esteem. A man, behaving in this way does not attract women, no matter how good he looks. Look at yourself from the outside and analyze your own behavior when communicating with girls, write your mistakes on a piece of paper and try to avoid them in the future. Another mistake that shy young guys do is the lack of leadership in relationships. Many young men tend to think that the girl’s decisions have a higher priority.

Just compare: “I thought it would be nice to go to a café, what is your opinion?” and “I want to go to a café with you, so be ready by six in the evening, I’ll pick you”. Do not think that women are annoyed if a man makes a decision instead of her. It is not about Ukrainians. These women love men who can organize their comfort and be the leader in the relationship. In other words, Ukrainian girls want a man who can protect them like a stone wall. So, if you want to charm a girl from Ukraine, you have to be a self-confident man who is responsible, neat, attentive and not greedy. It is not easy, but Ukrainian girls definitely worth it!

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