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An international relationship has turned into a real thing as the Internet breaks borders and allows us to reach out to the most gorgeous and intelligent ladies from different corners of the World. Today, we will guide you through specificities of dating Slavic women. We will share some tips on how to not screw everything up on the first three dates And how to pick the correct topics on a date.

Before dating a Slavic girl you should realize she has a very different mentality over western women. Their greatest priorities are family, children, and happy being instead of a brilliant career. Slavic girls are more marriage-oriented. Here is the nice article about pros of dating Slavic women. If you feel like it is time for you to settle down dating Ukrainian women or Russian women is the best thing to go for. 

Here are the best topics on a date with a Slavic girl.

Conversation Topics on the 1st Date with a Ukrainian Girl

Conversation Topics on the 1st Date with a Ukrainian Girl

1. Beauty

Ukrainian girls are extremely well-maintained and beautiful. They tempt to invest all the money they have in their appearance. So Slavic guys are used to be surrounded by hotties on a daily basis and don’t treat them with compliments often. So, a little Oda to her beauty would be great. 

2. Everyday life

It is another part of the world she is living her life at. So there is a change it is different from how you spend your every day. Ask how her everyday life looks like. Do not forget to share some details of your being. We bet she’s interested in that kind of thing as well. 

3. Culture

Slavic culture is all about traditions transmitted from generation to generation that is interesting to explore. She will love to feel like a tour guide and watch you fascinated by things that matter to her.

4. National cuisine

It is often that Slavic women are excellent in cooking and enjoy doing it. Russian and Ukrainian cuisine is so different from an American and any other European cuisine. Therefore there are some peculiarities that she might know and shares with you gladly. 

5. The Second Date

Slavic girls appreciate proactive men that take control over the situation. They are okay with being led by a man and will love to hear that you are serious about having another date with her. 

Conversation Topics on the 2nd Date with a Ukrainian Girl

Conversation Topics on the 2nd Date with a Ukrainian Girl

1. Early years

Believe us, childhood in post-Soviet countries is very different from the way kids grow up in States. Childhood is the stage of every person’s life that lives marks on the whole life. Hence you should ask about that to know her better. This is important when you have the intention to become more than lovers but also live partners and friends. 

2. Passions 

Someone would say that hobbies and passions are two same things but there is a big difference. A hobby is something a person does whereas passions are things that human being desires to try, do, see, etc. Passion is a thing that makes us excited so it is the thing you should share for sure.  

3. Dreams

Dreams come true you know that? Our dreams keep us moving forward and achieving things that can turn a dream into reality. For that purpose, you should figure out if your dreams are compatible as soon as possible. 

4. Family

As we have mentioned earlier family is one of the most important things for every Slavic woman and she appreciates any interest in that aspect. Be patient when listening to her family stories. Also, you should tell her more about your family as it is a token of truth for which she will be more than grateful. 

5. Friendship 

Friends are family we choose so it describes even more of who you are. If there are any funny stories that you have have to share about your friends then go for it. 

Conversation Topics on the 3rd Date with a Ukrainian Girl

Conversation Topics on the 3rd Date with a Ukrainian Girl

1. Exes

This is not something you should tell but ask in terms of investigating reasons such a gorgeous girl is still single. Also, this is the way for you to find out what triggers your girl in a bad way so you don’t make the same mistake as her previous guys. 

2. Future

The third date is the perfect time to discuss things like where do you see yourself in 5 years or something like that. This is the time when you feel like you can trust each other and if your dates seem like something turning into a real thing. Define your goals clearly and her to do it for you to know you are on the same page. 

3. Concerns

There are so many things we are afraid of and don’t really like to bring up in our heads not to mention a person you are dating for some time. However, a relationship is about sharing all the things and feelings. Life consists of nice and tough moments and sharing it with the one you like called relationships. 

4. Disadvantages

It is very interesting to watch a thought process when you ask someone to tell about their disadvantages. Especially when it comes to a person that wants to look appealing to you. We believe that the third date is the time when you feel secure enough to ask questions that might make you feel insecure, it that makes sense. 🙂

5. Secrets

If you have a feeling that this is a girl you can trust you should be as sincere with her as you can. Share you some of your secrets if any. This is the best way to show you have serious intentions and believe in the importance of honesty in a relationship. 

Online Dating

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Luckily, all the above mentioned topics work perfectly when you meet each other in chat or via video call.

Rules are pretty much the same as on any offline date. So, feel free to use the above mentioned topics.

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Wrapping Up

Of course, this is not a strict list of what you should talk about on the first 3 dates with a Slavic woman. But those seem like the safest and beneficial to make your relationship work.

We highly recommend you to avoid discussing topics like politics, religion, sexual habits, and things like that. You should save such topics for the time you both feel those things can affect your relationships, which is not сoincides with the first few dates. 

We have created the list of the most appropriate conversation topics on the first, second, and third date with a Slavic woman. We hope you use it for your further relationship best advantage.

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