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Today you will figure out how to become the only option for a girl from Ukraine and it is not about being the last man on the Earth. All you need is to discover some peculiarities and pick a different approach that you use for American girls. Slavic women are gorgeous yet very different so you should keep a few points in mind when committing Ukrainian dating. 

You’re about to discover how to get a girlfriend by becoming her obvious choice, so the girl you like chooses you over all the other guys chasing her. 

1. Don’t try to find a girlfriend

Serious relationship on a Ukrainian Dating

This one sounds weird, isn’t it? However, you should forget the word “girlfriend” as most Ukrainian girls are looking for serious relationships. They want to start dating serious guys only. So, if you are surfing Ukrainian dating sites at the moment you should add to your description that you are looking for true love, wife, life partner, etc. Make sure you look reliable otherwise any Ukrainian women will pay attention to you. 

2. Stay in range on Ukrainian Dating

take ukrainian dating seriously

Some people think online dating is not a big deal. Still, we believe it is very little difference between a date in a restaurant or at front of webcam. This is unacceptable to go for an online date without shaving first and wearing a t-shirt with a ketchup stain on your shoulder. Quite the contrary, you should show a girl on the other side of the webcam that you take care of your appearance even when staying at home. Pick something stylish but not too much. Skip the tie and give preference to a slim fit polo t-shirt. Also, it would be great if you wash your head first. Just keep in mind that webcam is not a magic wand and won’t turn a bigfoot into a prince. 

3. Fix your mindset

Be confident

You can’t be sure about the success of Ukrainian women dating still you should attempt to have fun during this process. The biggest mistake you can make is to take everything too serious. Thus, you turn exciting romantic adventure in a stressful examination of your strengths and weaknesses. 

If you look at Ukrainian girls and think something like, damn, she’s too hot for me, convert your lack of confidence into an advantage for your future relationships. Just think a beautiful girl will be your motivation to take care of your appearance, go to the gym, try eating healthier, have a nice haircut, etc. Relationship implies the development and improvement of partners and it is awesome when you date a person that inspires you to become the best version of you.

4. Imagine she is yours 

Imagine she is yours

If you want to create a playful atmosphere with a Ukrainian gal you should act like are good old friends. Stop thinking of the first impression you make and enjoy the moment. Smile and chill out that will establish a smooth and organic body language and help you to avoid any awkward moves. Even though it is your first online date you should ask deep questions and cover topics that matter. Create that intimacy and spread trustworthy vibes to help her release herself and feel save by your side. The best way to establish that natural flow of conversation is to stay honest.

5. Act like a gentleman

be gentleman on Ukrainian dating

 The greatest difference about Ukrainian women in compression with American ones that they still looking for a rescue. They are not as obsessed with the idea of feminism and its implementation in the everyday life of every single woman. On Ukrainian dating websites, you will find lots of charming, sweet, delicate, and open-minded women that put first love and family values. Such girls will appreciate you being delicate and attentive. Do not skimp on compliments and try to admire her glory avoiding the dirty stuff. Otherwise, you will look frivolous and scare her off. On the first date, sexiness is about body language and eye contact. So, hold dirty jokes for a beer night with friends, deal? 🙂 

6. Let her be your number one 

Ukrainian girl is your number one

When you chat with a Ukrainian woman pay attention to details. It is very important to listen very carefully and notice what really matters for her. Show the girl that you want to know her closer and discover her thoughts on different topics. When you let her talk you significantly reduce the risk of failure as you get less opportunity to say something foolish. 

7. Don’t miss her 

Don't miss Ukrainian woman

You know that dates when you have a great time, launch, share some innermost thoughts, and definitely feel that sparkle. And then, you drown in a routine, save a call for late, and miss the chance with a girl that could be that ONE for you. You should make haste while the sun shines. Real feels require some spontaneity and manhood so you could develop on your online relationship. 

If you think that online dating has no charm, well, you are probably wrong. In the 21st century, online dating is one of the most romantic ways to find a soulmate. Simply imagine you going home after a long workday waiting for a digital letter full of romance and hopes. 

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