Ukrainian Women Dating Important Pros and Cons

Legends about the glory of Ukrainian women dating have been spreading around the WEB and catches the imagination of single men from all over the World. Ukrainian girls remain gorgeous, indeed, and you can prove it for yourself by visiting VictoriyaClub. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind all that glitters is not gold. You might think, the more attractive woman is – the higher expectations she has when push comes to a date.

Anyhow, you should not give up the idea of meeting Ukrainian girls before you see the top 10 pros and cons of Ukrainian woman dating.

Pros of Ukrainian Women Dating

Ukrainian Women Dating Important Pros

Let’s review some major advantages of dating Ukrainian girl.

Ukrainian girls look impeccable

When visiting Ukraine note the number of beauty shops. It is incalculable! The reason behind all this is the craving of Ukrainian women to ensure their brilliant appearance. No matter what, they have a fresh manicure, neat haircut, curled lashes, waxing done. When Ukrainian girls go for grocery shopping, they make sure they look better than Victoria’s Secrets angels first. So, you don’t want to miss a chance to watch her walk all dressed up on a first date with you.

They only perform serious relationships

There is a huge difference between American and Ukrainian women’s mindsets. Girls in Ukraine, have a dream to see themselves in a princess-like white dress marrying a nice guy, that knows how to treat a lady with passion and respect. Which is why most Ukrainian girls refuse one-night dates but spend their time searching for family-oriented guys. If you are one, that wants to have a gorgeous tender woman by your side to the rest of the life – go for a Ukrainian one.

Ukrainians are bilingual

It is impossible to build healthy trustworthy relationships without communication. Long and deep telephone conversations or an intimate chat over a glass of wine make you and your lady close. However, it seems complicated when your date doesn’t speak your language. Well, it is not a problem for Ukrainian women, as most of them speak both – Ukrainian and Russian. They don’t find it difficult to learn a new language, especially if their personal life depends on it.

They are amazing at housework

It’s not that we promote a medieval vision for the role of women in society. All we have in mind is sharing the benefits of DATING / MARRYING Ukrainian women. You won’t deny it is awesome to wake up in a clean house that smells a delicious pastry, feel the support of a beautiful woman that cares of yours. Ukrainian girls don’t find it humiliating to do the housework or spend some time cooking delicacies. Taking care of a household and loved ones the part of Ukrainian culture that is getting harder to achieve these days.

Ukrainian girls love to give

Summing up all the mentioned above, the Ukrainian dating approach is so different from American and European ones. These girls put their relationship first and do their best to make the man happy. Fair enough to say, they expect you to treat them in the same way. Ukrainian girls enjoy delighting a beloved man. Well, what more can you ask for?

Cons of Ukrainian Women Dating

Ukrainian Women Dating Important  Cons

Don’t run out and buy a ticket for a plane to Ukraine, all right? Since there are 5 Ukrainian women dating cons that you should know.

They can be possessive

Do you enjoy spending time watching photos and profiles on social media? If you have a thing for a Ukrainian gal, we wouldn’t recommend you flattering other girls on the Internet or elsewhere. She won’t appreciate that and spin a scandal out of it. Still, it can be a plus for a jealous man as that is unlikely to catch a Ukrainian date flirting with other guys. They care about their reputation and don’t waste time on silly games choosing long-term relationships instead.

Perfectionist tendencies

It starts with her flawlessness from head to toe and ends with the way she organizes clothes in a wardrobe. Everything should be perfect. Otherwise, Ukrainian women feel they lose control over life and begin to panic. For that very reason, lots of these girls are looking for alpha, as it is difficult to keep everything planned all the time. Sometimes, things go wrong, and a Ukrainian lady needs the support of a reliable man. Calm her down when she feels unsafe, and she covers you with tenderness and love.


Some people say Slavic women are conservative and in particular Ukrainian ones. But, each defines conservatism differently. Some say so because of the way these girls tended to treat a man. In the modern World, a family-oriented mindset is going out of style. A lot cooler is building a career and living “Sex and The City” kind of life. Well, it is not applicable to Ukrainian women. These girls dream of finding that one and the only guy that worth their time and attention.

It might be costly

Ukrainian women enjoy being in the spotlight. They dress up, do the makeup, sport, and all the beautiful things (which, by the way, don’t come cheap). If you are about to meet your Ukrainian date, do not forget to buy her a nice bouquet, to melt her heart at a glance. It would be awesome if you brought a sweet treat for her from abroad. Thus, she knows you think of her and ready to make surprises, which Ukrainian women absolutely adore.

Ukraine is hard to get

Well, it is not that hard to get (God bless international airlines) but far, indeed. If you think of Ukrainian women dating, be ready to leave through a long transfer flight first. To make it easier, consider this trip as a traveler’s adventure. The great thing is the exchange rate for the Ukrainian hryvnias against the dollar is crazy! Despite your financial situation, you can afford a lot in Ukraine, for instance, a lovely dinner at the most popular restaurant in Kyiv or Odesa, take her for a night out to the trendiest nightclub, rent a luxurious apartment, etc.

As you can see, there are lots of nuances when it comes to Ukrainian women dating. Are you really keen on finding your soulmate among Ukrainian women? Then visit the VictoriyaClub or TenderBride. These are among the most popular and safe Ukrainian dating sites you should become a participant, that’s for sure.

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