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When you come to Poland, you will be amazed. And you will be amazed not only by history and architectural buildings, but also by streets with houses reminiscent of the Middle Ages, squares paved with stones. You will be fascinated by Polish girls, who are found at every turn, especially if you are attracted to the nightlife. 

Charming Polish Bride

Girls in Poland are very hospitable and religious, so you’re unlikely to meet one on a Sunday. But these young Slavic singles are available to you in crowded places on any other days of the week. And if you have the thought of meeting them for marriage, then I will provide you with an accurate and detailed guide about these beauties.

📈 Interesting Statistics

❤️ Success rate85%
⌛ Average age of Polish brides25-27 y.o
🇵🇱 Popular Polish cities Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań
💰 Average cost of mail order ladies$1.500-$5.000

✅ Late marriage and first child

Among Polish brides, it is difficult to find a girl who got married at 18 and had her first child at 19. Statistics on fertility in Poland show that in 2022 only 14% of Polish wives will give birth to their first child at the age of 20-23. The main fertility rate in this country falls between the ages of 27-29. 

✅ Low divorce rate

This country has almost the lowest divorce rate in the world, with a rate of only 1.2% per 1,000 population. If we compare this figure with other Eastern European countries, such as Russia or Belarus, this figure almost reaches 5%. 

✅ No more than two children in a family

The birth rate among Polish brides is very low. Only 1.3%. This indicates that you will rarely find a Polish family with more than two children. In the US, on the contrary, the rate is very high, and it is considered that a family should have at least 4 children. 

What Makes Western Men Dating Polish Mail Order Bride and Marry Her?

Of course, Polish brides to order have their own characteristics that are specific to girls of this nationality. These features are some of the main reasons to pay attention to them as brides.

💅 Majestic and austere beauty

The first thing you will notice is that Polish brides are far from the standards of Slavic appearance. They are more like Germans and have something similar in appearance to Western women. They have angular facial features and sharp cheekbones and nose. 

👗 Expensive and stylish clothes are not the main thing

I would say that girls in Poland dress in a “boring way”. Sure, you will find stores with branded clothes here, but even these clothes are most likely monochrome and not flashy, which gives girls a certain charm. 

💫 They are religious

Mature Polish brides are Catholic, attending church every Sunday and honoring family traditions. On Christmas night you will not meet a Polish beauty on the street, because for her, it is an enchanting time, which is important for her to spend with her family and relatives. 

🔥 Ambitiousness and self-confidence are in her blood

Regardless of her appearance, even if it is perfect, a Polish bride will tell you that she is a real beauty and very sexy. Girls in this country are so ambitious and self-confident that they achieve a lot in this life and are not afraid to make themselves known at work.

Polish brides to order

Where to Get & How to Meet Polish Brides

I am sure you are dreaming of Polish brides dating, but you are facing a difficult task. What is the most effective way of dating Polish brides and where to find these free matches‌? Here are some effective ways.

🏙 Dating in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk and other major cities.

The first option that I am ready to offer you to find and meet girls in Poland is to buy a ticket and organize yourself a two-week trip. And here you have a lot of options:

  • Go to the sea in the resort of Gdansk. On the golden beaches, you will definitely find the Polka of your dreams. Girls come in the summer on vacation and are ready for new acquaintances.
  • Attend foreign language courses. Sign up for courses to learn English, Spanish, German, or even Ukrainian in Poland. Now the borders are open, and many girls want to travel, for this they learn foreign languages, and you can meet someone there. 
  • Go to a nightclub. Nightlife in Poland is varied and to suit all tastes. Visit a few nightclubs, walk the night squares where Polish girls walk in crowds waiting to meet their single. 
Offline dating

💻 Internet dating

Another effective way, which many people consider trivial and not interesting. But strangely enough, Polish brides use the internet for dating even more often than just meeting on the street or in clubs. Here are some of the best notes to help you in your search for your Polish bride.

  • Sign up for Facebook. This social network is interesting because you can find here special groups for artists, musicians, those who are interested in reading books or visiting museums. In addition, all the girls here are real and the possibility of meeting scammers is very low.
  • Mobile dating apps. Such applications as Badoo and Tinder are the fastest method to find a Polish bride for a first date.
  • Instagram dating. When using this social network, don’t forget about hashtags. On Instagram, with their help you can find a free, open for communication girl. Study the profile of the girl and if she interests you, then write.
  • Marriage agencies. This is a rather old-fashioned way, that is used by older people. If you are not a follower of modern technology, then a marriage agency will be a great option for you. You will be matched with a bride depending on your preferences, and you will be left to win her heart. 
  • Dating sites. This option is no less popular among single girls. This method of dating is convenient because you can filter girls based on your preferences and view the profiles of only those who interest you.

👉 To understand where to meet a girl, it is enough to look through my list and choose a few methods that seem to be the easiest and most effective for you.

 Internet dating

Polish Brides Website: Advantages of This Option

Even among my friends, there are examples of those who met on dating sites and now live happily together. There is an explanation for this. The reason is all the advantages that these platforms have.

✅ Saving time. You can meet a Polish bride in bed before you go to sleep. You do not need to go to Poland in search of Polish brides marriage, spend up to 5 thousand dollars on a trip that may not bring you the desired result.

✅ Large selection of girls. In everyday life, we don’t have a large selection of singles. We are most likely to look for a partner among acquaintances. On dating sites, this choice is simply amazing because girls from different cities of Poland gather here. 

✅ Search criteria. Another significant advantage is the possibility to setting search criteria. In real life, we can’t imagine meeting a girl with blond hair and green eyes. And on dating sites it is possible. It is very convenient, because you can easily find people with similar interests. Using a ‌filter, you will have something in common to talk about with Polish Bride.

✅ It is easier to prepare for a real date. Without knowing the person the first meeting can be boring, and you will be disappointed with the single. Dating sites eliminate this possibility because you are socializing and will have minimal information about each other. 

What Beautiful Polish Brides Expect From You

Dating sites are not only about saving your energy, money, and time. They open new opportunities and also allow you to look at a person from the side they want to be seen from. It is quite easy to find a one-night stand on dating sites, and it doesn’t take much effort. But winning the heart of a single Polish mali brides is a tougher task. Here are my tips on how to make online dating effective.

  • Do not ignore filled out questionnaires. Many men do not even read the profiles of Polish brides and make a huge mistake. You will find so much useful information there, that will help you when communicating. And also, you will not seem to her a fool who asks questions, the answers to which are in the questionnaire. Girls dislike repeating the same thing several times. 
  • Read what Polish brides write. Be attentive to everything that girls write to you and memorize what you talk about with each of them. This will show how interested she is in you and that you are ready to take serious steps. Polish brides like to be listened to and consider it a sign of respect. 
  • Don’t write nonsense. Do not write random facts about yourself, but what is relevant in the context of the conversation and your interaction with her. If someone asks you something, give an answer. Ask counter questions and don’t ignore.
  • Be elegant and mannerly. Don’t be brash during the conversation. Give compliments and show by your behavior that you like the Polish bride very much. Do not forget about humor. Polish girls like men with a subtle sense of humor. 

Hot Profiles of Sexy Polish Brides

I’m sure you’re ready for a date with a Polish Bride. It is enough to know why they are so popular to make a crucial decision. Polish girls are exactly the kind of wives you can be proud of. They know how to cope with the stress of everyday life, know how to create family coziness, and are interesting not only externally. The relaxed and happy atmosphere in the house is the merit of the Polish bride. Just look at the profiles of Polish girls. Do you have any doubts? 

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🗽 What Polish Mail Order Brides Need in Western Men

Busty Polish brides definitely have their own purpose, and reasons why they choose to marry specifically western men. I have added the following to my list of reasons:

  • Stop Restrictions. Polish brides believe that in today’s world, you should use all opportunities and not be limited to Poles only. Love has no boundaries for them, so they are ready to love foreigners and lavish them with their warmth.
  • Gender equality in the family. Another reason why Western men attract them much more. It is important for mail order bride Polish to have gender equality in their family. They strive for harmonious relationships where women do not play only the stay-at-home parent and housewives.
  • Financial stability and standard of living. Social-economic factor is not the main one for them, but one should not forget about it. Polish brides marry foreigners for the sake of stability. It is believed that Western men are better off and can support a family without much trouble.
  • Getting rid of conservative life. Another reason to marry an American is to escape from a conservative society. Polish brides are very talented, fun, outgoing and sexy. They don’t want to follow rules their whole life; they want to be sexy and desirable in the eyes of their partner. Their attitudes and values have long been others and different from those held by their parents. That is why it is so difficult for Polish brides to live in their society of conservatives. 

⚓️ My Final Thoughts

Girls for marriage from Poland prioritize Western men in their list of partners for first date and marriage. Every day they join the number of users of dating sites hoping to find the perfect single with whom they will have fun, interesting and unusual. They have a good command of English, so a conversation with them will not be monotonous. Gorgeous Polish brides deserve praise and respect. Just give yourself a chance for a fabulous and passionate love. 


Are Polish mail order brides real?
Yes, they are absolutely real and available. Many brides from Poland have mastered the internet and you can easily find a suitable candidate on dating sites.
Where can I find Polish bride for marriage?
There are many ways to meet a Polish bride for marriage. Of the most common ones are traveling to Poland for a few weeks, marriage agencies, dating apps or dating sites.
What is Polish mail order bride cost?
The average price tag for the cost of a Polish bride is between $2,000 and $5,000. This price includes your correspondence on the dating site, flight to Poland and accommodation there for the period of dating. Of course the cost can be higher and depends on your food preferences, what kind of entertainment you like and in what conditions you are used to living.
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