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Are you still that American who is longing to be alone and doesn’t know how to find your soul mate? You can start a new chapter of happy life with Bulgarian brides online. Suitable candidates are available to you. All you need to do is to follow my trustworthy guide, and then you can put an end to your loneliness with confidence. 

Focus your attention on Bulgarian brides. These girls know a lot about harmonious relationships. They are family-oriented and will be your perfect match. Beautiful facial features, sharp mind, manners, and sexuality. This combustible mixture is waiting for you. 

💘 Success rate87%
💍 Average Age of Marriage27-29 y.o
📍 Popular citiesSofia, Burgas, Varna
💵 Average Cost of Bulgarian Bride$3500-$7500
❓ Why Bulgarian brides?attractive, sexy, family-oriented

Common Feature of Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: Who Are They?

You’ll love one of the main criteria why these girls attract foreigners. It’s their down-to-earth nature. Western beauties are spoiled, demand luxury, and this makes men feel unhappy. Bulgarian brides will give you a sense of tranquility and supremacy in the family. They do not require chests of gold, yachts, and mansions. Their simplicity will conquer you, because the most important thing for them is the relationship. What else is so interesting about Bulgarian brides? 

💥 An unquenchable thirst for life

These beauties are not afraid to experiment and often leave their country in search of a better life. They want to have a better career, family, and appearance. For them, it is a priority to be happy and wealthy, so they are ready to give themselves to their partner and cherish the warmth of the relationship.

🦋 Charm and beauty

In Bulgaria, most women have swarthy skin and dark hair. Despite this, you can meet blondes and gray-eyed shades here. From the girls of Western Europe, they are distinguished only by their small stature. They are not tall, but have a trim body, slim figure and appetizing shapes. Perhaps it is influenced by the scorching sun, active lifestyle, but you rarely meet fat girls on the streets. 

🏃‍♀️ Love of sports

In Bulgaria, there are more and more fans of fitness and sports. Girls attend spa procedures and make sure that their skin was tightened, there was no cellulite on the butt. Perhaps they do not so actively use makeup, but always look well-groomed and charming. 

🩺 Do not neglect plastic surgery

Bulgarian girls believe that if nature does not give them lush breasts, they can correct this defect. Yes, they will do it to please their partner even more. That is why 50% of women in Bulgaria have had facial plastic surgery, enlarged lips or added several sizes of breasts. 

👠 Higher heels, longer legs

I’ve already said that Bulgarian girls are not tall. That’s why heels are so popular here. Girls wear heels all the time to make themselves look a little taller. 

🤲 Kind and cheerful character

Bulgarian brides are very energetic and purposeful. At first, it may seem to foreigners that they do nothing and are too slow. In fact, this is not the case. They work very hard, but they have learned to encourage themselves with vacations, sitting in cafés with girlfriends and walks in the park with children.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Family is a priority

For Bulgarian girls, nothing is more important than family values. Girls dream of building a successful career and finally marrying a self-sufficient man. Their main goal in life is a strong family and children’s laughter in the yard of their own home. 

Bulgarian Women: Mail Order Brides & Their Hot Profiles

Bulgarian Women

Willow, 31

Mail Order Bride

Izabella, 22

Bulgarian Brides for Sale

Gratsiela, 28

Bulgarian Brides for Sale: Where to Find Brides From Bulgaria

Of course, knowing about the main traits of Bulgarian girls does not mean that you have it in your fist. After all, the most important thing ahead is to find them and win their sympathy. It will be a good idea to use one of the options to find and meet Bulgarian women for marriage.

Bulgarian girls dating

✈️ Romantic tour to Bulgaria

Traveling in search of romance in sunny Bulgaria is one of the most popular ways. It is a popular tourist destination and many men fly to this country for a vacation. A nice bonus will be if you meet your love Bulgarian brides marriage here. 

  • Sofia. A city where people go in search of a better life. Girls enter universities here and then realize themselves as career women. By the age of 29 they decide to look for a partner. Visit the local tourist spots, and you will meet someone who has already realized herself, but still in search of a suitable man. 
  • Varna. Here, there is a lot of sun, sand and beaches. It is easy to have a holiday romance on one of these azure coasts. Girls here are not so modest as in Sofia. They are more trusting to western men, relaxed in communication and conversation. 
  • Burgas. This is an industrial city where girls can build a career, take a loan and achieve a better life. Therefore, here, you have every chance to meet a serious hottie. Visit one of the local clubs. There is a fun atmosphere there, where singles gather in search of their destiny.

📱 Online dating as an alternative to traveling to Bulgaria

man using dating site

What to do if traveling to Bulgaria is out of your budget? Online dating is the best option for you. Online dating site does not require you to spend so much financially, plus you will have much more time to get to know the Bulgarian bride. This is not the only thing that makes online dating so popular. Here’s what you’ll definitely enjoy if you take advantage of this dating option. 

  • Accessibility. Traveling to the land of sand and sun costs a lot. You need to pay for the flight, book a hotel for at least 2 weeks, pay for meals and walks around the city, bars, and cafes. The average check of such a trip will be from 2 to 5 thousand dollars. If we talk about dating sites, the average subscription cost per month will be 50-400 dollars.
  • A lot of profiles. Bulgarian brides start their adult life with a career, and only after 27 years old they think about finding a husband. During this period, not all of them are ready to spend evenings in bars and clubs. Therefore, most of the singles concentrate on dating sites. 
  • Lots of options. Dating sites are attractive with their modern options. There is a filter to match your criteria, texting, video and audio chats, sending gifts, and much more. 
  • Effective Dating. Finding your match is really possible if you register on a proven and reliable dating site. You can find out if a real person is communicating with you or if it is a scammer thanks to social networks. Check the girl’s photo and if she is real, Google will give you her Facebook or Instagram profile. 

How to Win the Heart of a Bulgarian Bride

A foreigner buying Bulgarian brides should be prepared for everything and know not only their peculiarities of character and appearance, but also how to behave around the girls that will leave a good impression. The thinking and behavior of Bulgarian girls are often incomprehensible to Western men, and sometimes even unpredictable. There is no one universal method of seduction, but you can always find ways that will work with them. Here are some useful tips applying which you can be sure that Bulgarian brides will find it difficult to resist you.

👨‍👩‍👦 Paternal behavior

The first thing you should do is to find out as much as you can about her family from her acquaintances. Listen carefully when she tells you about her father. Bulgarian brides free respect their fathers, listen to their opinion, trust them with all their secrets. That is why many of them want to have a man who will be at least a little like their father in character. By showing a couple of similar qualities, you are likely to get her approval and sympathy faster.

What questions about her father are worth asking:

  • How and where he likes to spend time with his daughter;
  • What his personality is like;
  • What is the age difference between him and his wife;
  • If he has any bad habits;
  • What he most often gives his daughter and wife.

Of course, you should not ask such questions obsessively. It should be discreet, in a friendly conversation. But the information that you get, you can use to develop your relationship. 

👉 Do not repeat the mistakes of her ex

Most likely, your Bulgarian girlfriend has already had relationships with men. Each relationship brought her experiences, perhaps not very pleasant. This has influenced her expectations and requirements for a partner. It will be important for the girl to find a partner who will not have the disadvantages that her previous boyfriend had. Therefore, your task is to show that you do not have these disadvantages.

I’ll make a little disclaimer here. Yes, it is important for you to find out what her former partners were like and where they made mistakes. But you should not discuss this topic on the first date. 

📌 Tangible value

Use this method to warm up to show how good you are. I’m sure you have many positive qualities. YOU are kind, confident, ambitious and know the value of money, family, and friendship. But it is not appropriate to tell it all on your own. This way, you will appear to the Bulgarian bride too narcissistic and selfish. That’s why this method comes to the rescue. 

Ask your acquaintances to tell as many positive things about you as possible behind your back. For example, you went to the restroom, and a friend said what a good and hard worker you are. 

Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: Success Stories With Them

Desislava and Ben

Western man and Bulgarian woman

I am 47 years old, and in that time I have already gone through two divorces. The first marriage lasted 5 years, the second one a little more. But after the last divorce, I stopped believing in miracles and happy endings. I registered on a dating site to somehow spend my evenings after work. Here I found a section with mature Bulgarian brides and decided to write to a few pretty women. To my surprise, one of them started a very interesting conversation. Before I knew it, we had been communicating for over a month and it became my drug. I couldn’t stop thinking about her for a second. And a trip to Bulgaria and meeting her relatives put everything in its place. I’m happy.

Simon and Bojana

young couple that met online

My friend recommended me older Bulgarian brides. I did not agree to write to Bulgarian brides agency for a long time, and my friend had to organize a dispute. I didn’t want to lose and that was the reason for my registration on the dating site. To my surprise, there are so many pretty girls here and all of them are real. Among hundreds of profiles, I chose only 5 and decided that if love at first sight exists, I will be lucky with one of them. And so it happened. I have been dating Bojana for 6 months now. I recently proposed to her, and she agreed to be my wife. Guys, nothing is impossible, believe in yourself because happiness is so close. 

Why Girls From Bulgaria Can Make Good Wives?

If you succeed to conquer the heart of Bulgarian bride, you will become the luckiest man. These girls perfectly combine external data and inner qualities. 

  • Bulgarian brides are family-oriented. The man for them is an auxiliary link. He supports her, earns money, and she looks after the child, educates him, makes sure that the house is cozy, clean, and smells delicious. 
  • Bulgarian women are very hospitable and friendly. Your friends will feel comfortable visiting you. Your Bulgarian mail order wife will always offer them a drink and a tasty appetizer, support the conversation, and make jokes.
  • Do not forget about the beauty of these girls. And it’s not even about natural beauty, as much as in the fact that they follow themselves and then how they dress. Bulgarian mail order brides look neat and even those who prefer unisex style. It is not uncommon to meet Bulgarian ladies in a short skirt and on stilettos. These girls know how to seduce. 

Bulgarian Male Order Brides: My Expert Opinion

Why do we always limit ourselves? Limit our expenses, entertainment, vacation time, and even our horizons for searching for brides? Just think how many prospects are open to you through online communication with Bulgarian brides on dating sites. These sexy beauties are already educated and have high-paying jobs. But they have a lonely heart and an unhappy soul. It won’t be hard to fix this. Show her your interest, respect and how much you can appreciate a woman and love her. A happy ending is possible if you make at least a little effort. In turn, Bulgarian girls become wonderful wives and mothers. 


Can I buy bride in Bulgaria?
There’s no such thing as bride buying. By this word I mean your travel and accommodation expenses. But whether you will find your Bulgarian bride during this period depends only on your efforts and desire to win her.
Can foreigners marry in Bulgaria?
Yes, of course foreigners can marry a Bulgarian bride. To do so, they must not be officially married, be over 18 years of age and have a permit and visa.
Which countries sell brides?
You can find a bride in almost any country on our planet. To do this, register on dating sites. But no one will sell her to you as it can happen with goods in a store. When you buy a mail order bride, you pay for a flight to her country, a monthly subscription to a dating site and, of course, the wedding. Here’s what that means.
What is the tradition of the Bulgarian wedding?
Modern Bulgarian wedding is full of interesting, and most importantly, authentic traditions. Of course, the West influences this country and now no one gets married in the traditional Bulgarian outfit of red color. But trust me, Bulgaria will surprise you, and you will love this country as much as your Bulgarian wife.
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