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What attracts men to foreign girls? Do you often think about the fact that Hungarian dating in USA might be the best option for you? It’s quite a complex brainstorm. It is difficult to make the right decision and choose the one you will live your whole life with. In this case, weighing the pros and cons is crucial.

It is normal to feel who exactly you want and look for a partner based on your own scale of sexuality, charisma, kindness, and caring. I have prepared for you a detailed guide to finding a Hungarian bride to make this quest easier for you. Dreaming of a perfect wife? Go ahead and get acquainted with dating in Hungary, who they are – Hungarian mail order girls, and why they are so popular in the West.

💍 Average age of marriage27-29 y.o
🏆 Success marriage rate87%
🌃 Best cities for datingBudapest, Eger, Debrecen
🥊 Divorce rate 12%
💵 Average Cost of Hungarian Bride$1000-$4500

What Do I Need to Know When Dating a Hungarian Lady

Of course, the first question that tortures you and keeps you awake is what makes Hungarian singles dating so special. Why are they so popular, and why do many Western men choose them as wives? Among the reasons, I can single out the fact that they are attractive, able to emphasize their advantages and hide their shortcomings, intelligent and feminine. And now more about each of their advantages.

Hungarian Ladies Are...

💃 Stunning and stylish 

Be afraid to be mesmerized by their beauty and attractiveness at first sight. Ladies from Hungary are not afraid to attract the attention of the opposite sex and do their best to be gorgeous, feminine, and sexy. Here are some common features of their appearance that they can be proud of:

  • long legs and an expressive gait;
  • a seductive figure and lush breasts;
  • a variety of hair colors (blondes, brunettes, shades).

It is not surprising that having such parameters, you will have a pounding heart while getting acquainted. 

🙎‍♀️ They are feminine

I find it hard to resist emphasizing their femininity and charm. In Hungary, traditional family upbringing prevails. Therefore, you will be hard-pressed to find a girl here who will agree to sex on the first date. If that’s your goal, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Hungarian mail order brides are modest, and every movement is smooth and attractive with their femininity. They dress brightly and stylishly, but not provocatively. In addition, they are not squeamish about makeup and do it confidently. Sports have become a part of their daily routine. Hungarian brides watch their figures, eat low-calorie foods, and do not abuse fast food.

🫵 Openness and directness

You may not find them easy to talk to. Hungarian girls do not know how to be sly and speak openly about what they think and what bothers them. They will always be honest with you, even if some of their opinions are not to your liking. On the other hand, this is a great advantage to their character. You don’t have to guess what they are thinking about in some situations. The facial expressions on their face will always match what they will say to you in a few minutes.

🧠 Intelligence and education

The key to a successful career in Hungary is a good education. That’s why local girls go to universities and get higher education. You will not be bored with them. They will support any conversation, regardless of the age of the interlocutor. And a good job gives them independence in the future. Of course, they will be pleased if you buy them clothes and give them money for their own expenses. But they are self-sufficient and can provide their purchases on their own.

Hungarian Mail Brides: Best Women Profiles

Hungarian Mail Brides

Kalli, 32

Hungarian Mail Brides

Annita, 22

Hungarian Mail Brides

Firebird, 36

Hungarian Dating Culture: What is the Most Important Thing for Them When Choosing a Western Man?

Be sure to find 100% free Hungarian dating. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with what dating culture is like in Hungary. These women are as demanding of their partners as they are of themselves. That is why it is worth understanding Hungarian girls dating culture, what they pay attention to when choosing their groom, and what parameters play an important role in their choice:

will you be
 my partner?
  • Education and higher education. In Hungary, every second person receives higher education. It is precious to be intelligent, well-read, and purposeful in life. It is believed that education gives you status and a high social position.
  • Hobbies and interests. Hungarian women dating could not be boring. They are not bored at home and do not watch TV programs 24 hours a day. They do sports, draw, read modern literature. Therefore, it is important for them that their partner was not boring and had hobbies. 
  • Financial stability. In Hungary, family values are highly honored. It is believed that the man is the head of the family, so he should be able to provide everything for his wife and children. Thus, Hungarian brides pay attention to the financial stability of their partner and whether he can earn enough for the family to live in comfort and need nothing.

Fewer girls pay attention to nationality, physical features, and age. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to meet married couples where the husband is 20 years older than his wife. 

Hungarian Brides Dating: Where to Find Your Perfect Partner

Meeting girls can seem like a daunting task. Probably, Hungary is an unfamiliar country for you, and if you choose the option of offline dating, it is worth understanding which city to go to. The best place for dating will be the tourist center and the heart of Hungary – the capital Budapest. It is a city of millions of people with many interesting places, which are visited by hundreds of pretty Hungarian girls every day. Where to go in Budapest to meet your love?

  • Nightclubs. Visit Instant-Fogas Complex, Story, Lock and other nightclubs. The music is relaxing, and the alcohol is liberating. In such an atmosphere, girls are not shy about getting acquainted and telling a lot about themselves and their habits and interests. 
  • Parks and green zones. City Park, People’s Park, Orci Garden, Karoji Garden – these are the places where Hungarian girls run in the morning, have picnics on green lawns, and walk in the evenings. 
  • Shopping centers. The biggest shopping centers are Westend Shopping Center, Arena Plaza and Campona. Here you will meet many singles who come for new things. In cozy cafes, you can talk about life and learn a lot about single women. 

Dating Sites as an Alternative to Traveling to Hungary

Hungarian Brides Dating

A trip to Hungary may not always be effective. It may happen that you have fun in a new country, but never meet your soul mate. And then the best solution is online dating sites. Why should you pay attention to this dating method? 

  • You will find a full range of services for finding a Hungarian wife.
  • The sites always have a large database of single girls for serious relationships.
  • A filter to find the perfect match according to your preferences and parameters.
  • Built-in translator functions so that there is no misunderstanding in conversation.
  • Convenient functions for communication (video chats, correspondence, and audio messages).
  • Possibility to send a gift as a compliment for the one who will win your heart. 
  • Possibility to organize a meeting offline. It will be a romantic date that your beloved will not forget. 

Obviously, online dating has many advantages. You should not forget that you can communicate with several girls at the same time. These can be girls of different nationalities and with different looks. 

What Hungarian Dating Sites to Choose: Best Variants

A good and reliable dating site will be an effective solution to your problem. If you have long wanted to meet Hungarian girls and choose one to marry, dating sites will save your time. Here are some promising and legal dating sites with real girls. 


This is an international dating site for adventurous people. Here you will find many profiles of girls of Slavic origin. This dating platform is popular among Western men. LoveInChat is easy to use, and here you will find both free chatting features and paid ones. To unlock the potential of such services as video conferencing and audio messaging, it’s still worth signing up for a premium membership. You will find several payment packages on the site. The cost depends on how many credits are included in the package.


InternationalCupid has a very simple and easy to use user interface. Another advantage of this international dating site is that after registration, you don’t need to take special tests with 100 questions about your character. You find a partner thanks to search filters, of which there are about 30. You just set your beauty criteria, and the site automatically selects the profiles of girls for you. The pricing policy of the creators of the site is also pleasing. The cost of membership is only 13.75 dollars per month. This is much less than the competitors.


VictoriyaClub is a customer-oriented dating site, and all the features it offers are thought out to the smallest detail. Registration takes only a few minutes. The developers of the site offer free options for chatting with Hungarian girls. Among them are reading incoming messages, likes and winks, watching videos and photos. The rest of the features need to be paid for, but even here, they have taken care of your wallet. At the first registration, you can buy a discounted tariff. Then you will pay only 4.88 dollars. 

How to Impress Hungarian Dating Women

Mail order Hungarian brides are very friendly and sociable. It is not difficult to establish contact with them and turn flirting into serious communication and mutual sympathy. Undoubtedly, you may be intimidated by cultural differences and language barriers. Remember that many dating sites have a built-in translator function, which makes it much easier for you to understand your partner and what he writes to you. Here are some more recommendations on how to surprise Hungarian girls.

🗣 Don’t forget about compliments

Hungarian girls appreciate attentive and caring men. Of course, you will not surprise them if you tell them that they are attractive. But they will definitely not remain indifferent after your compliments.

👁 Take an interest in her personality

Hungarian nude brides are too beautiful, sexy, and charming. Often, men do not notice their inner world, because they fully concentrate on their appearance. It should not be forgotten that they are intelligent, love to draw, sing and even play musical instruments. These girls love to read books and attend concerts. By taking an interest in their habits and hobbies, you show how valuable this communication is for you.

😡 You should not be aggressive

Hungarian brides dating are very friendly and positive. They have a face that should always shine with a smile. Even if they encounter a conflict situation in their life, they will solve it wisely and in a positive way. These women will not tolerate aggression towards themselves.

😀 Do not be afraid to talk about marriage

Do not avoid answering and speak directly about your desire to marry her. If you have serious intentions, it is worth sharing this information with Hungarian girls. They are here for the same reason as you, and it will be honest and right to tell them about it. 

🤡 Make jokes and be interesting

You should start your communication by discussing things that are interesting to both of you. You will be spending time together in the future. It will be strange if you like to ride horses, and your fiancée has a terrible phobia. Do not forget about a sense of humor. Hungarian girls know how to joke and want their partner to have an excellent sense of humor.

How to Avoid Scammers Using Hungarian Dating Site

Dating sites can help you in your search for that one person. But in the euphoria of love, you should not forget about your safety. What do you need to do to protect yourself from unpleasant situations with scammers on dating sites? Here are some tips. 

1️⃣ Hide your personal information

After registering on a dating site, you have an important step to take. Hide your contacts, e-mail, and data about your place of residence. When registering, create a separate e-mail account to which neither banking applications nor other services that you use regularly are linked. 

2️⃣ Don’t rush things

Some men send their phone numbers on the first day of dating. They think that a few messages are enough to get to know their partner. It’s not all that quick! If you are dating online and your goal is a long-term relationship, you should consider understanding and getting to know the person as much as possible. The longer you correspond with a person, the better you’ll get to know them. This will help you understand if he or she meets your expectations.

3️⃣ Defend your own space

Never continue a relationship with someone you were uncomfortable with on the first date. Your sixth sense is not fooling you. If after the first two messages you felt that something was going wrong, that you were uncomfortable and the person was strange, it is better to stop this communication. Sending an abusive email or sexually explicit messages can be a beacon that this is not your partner.

lovely couple online

My Expert Opinion

I was not exaggerating when I wrote that Hungarian women for marriage can become amazing wives. You can easily make sure of it if you register on one of the dating sites, find a Hungarian bride’s profile thanks to the filter, and write to her. Give yourself a chance to find a sexy, charming, intelligent, and educated Hungarian bride.


Does Hungary have Tinder?
Yes, of course. This app is popular in Hungary and many people use it. But if you compare this app with dating sites, you will find dating sites more thoughtful and efficient. At least, there is a filter for selecting Hungarian girls. Tinder shows you everyone who is nearby.
Can foreigners get married in Hungary?
Yes, of course. If you find the right partner and decide to legalize your relationship, you can always do so legally.
What do you need to get married in Hungary?
Foreigners will need a translation of their civil passport, birth certificate, and residence certificate. You also need to be unmarried at the time of registration.
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