Ukrainian women love Canadian men
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Ukrainian Women Love Canadian Men

Canada is a country closely connected with Ukraine. The biggest Ukrainian diaspora in the world is located here, counting round 1 million of people with officially recognized Ukrainian roots. This fact, in addition to the highly-developed economy, low level of unemployment, makes Canada a desirable place for immigration. But one of the most important reasons to immigrate to Canada is to marry a Canadian man. It is true that Ukrainian women love Canadian men.

They are different from Ukrainian men, and often in a more positive way.

What are the reasons to consider marriage with a Canadian man?

  • Image and physical form.

Men look, though not all, often much better than the men of the same age in Ukraine. Canadians are fit, athletic and look younger than their age. Many of them do not smoke and do not drink so often as compared to Ukrainians.

Local people of the country having ancestors from Europe can boast bright appearance because of the mixture of blood. For example, a man with Anglo-Ukrainian-German roots (typical Canadian) will look like this: light brown hair, open face, light eyes, the biggest shoe size and very tall and broad-shouldered. The locals have a joke that a Canadian can be easily distinguished from any other men by a checkered flannel shirt that everyone has here, and a collection of warm sweaters (often hand-made ones).

  • National character

They like to watch various sports competitions, especially hockey, lacrosse and Canadian football. With a man from Canada, you are sure to celebrate all national holidays beginning from Canada Day to Thanksgiving. But he, in his turn, will support you in celebration of your holidays as they are very tolerant.  

  • Behavior

Men here cannot be called “machos”, but they are quiet and reliable. Chivalry is not dead here, unlike neighboring America. Canadians open the doors of the restaurant in front of the ladies, car doors, move a chair in the restaurant. Most of men know how to behave like a gentleman. The first thing that catches the eye when dealing with them is friendliness. If you quarrel, most likely, he will be the first to apologize. In most cases, Canadians prefer to resolve conflicts in a diplomatic way rather than by force, which is common in Ukraine. Of course, here, as in any nation, you can find alcoholics, drug addicts, misogynists, tyrants but in general, the majority of men from Canada are quite good.

  • Manners of Canadians

If speaking about the manners and national mentality, Canadians expect their interlocutor to respect their personal space and private property. Canadians usually talk to other people at arm’s length. They carefully protect their personal space, especially when communicating with unknown people. During communication it is not necessary to constantly look into the eyes of the interlocutor. But if you constantly look away, it can be regarded as a sign of your dishonesty or even possible danger.

Do you still wonder why Ukrainian women wanted to marry Canadian men?

  1. These people are calm and a bit reserved. They respect women and do not take women’s care for granted. Unfortunately, there are more men than women in Ukraine. But here the situation is different, as there are significantly more men than women in Canada.
  2. So, men are not spoiled by the variety of choice like in Ukraine. They do not run from one beauty to another, explaining that they are not ready for family relations. If a man decides to start a family, be sure that he is ready for this.
  3. Canadians are responsible fathers paying child support after a divorce. This is very strictly controlled by the country. In the parks often you can see more fathers with the children than mothers. Such picture is not common for Ukrainian ladies. That’s why they are excited if a man helps with taking care of children. But Canadians love children. And in Canada, all conditions are created for development of children. There are well-equipped schools, hobby groups and sports clubs (often free), various kinds of amateur and ethnic ensembles. And all this in Canada is in abundance.

Canadians do not like aggressive behavior or risky driving; they do not tolerate loud screams or too frank manifestations of feelings even towards their beloved. Canadians quarrel like other people. But they prefer to do it so that no one sees or hear anything. So, Ukrainian women have to control their emotions and do not overwhelm a man with them.

  • Approximately 80% of men own some property. In this country even a simple worker can take an apartment on credit and pay it for a few years. Local women try to work. However, it is difficult to predict whether the Canadian husband will prefer you to work or to be a housewife. Whether he is generous or counts every penny, it all depends on the person. And it is better to discuss the financial side of the relationship before marriage so when you move to him, especially at first when you look for a job and be fully dependent on him, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

However, these national characteristics are very approximate and all Canadians cannot be seen as “a dream man”. Much depends on the family background of your future husband. But it should be always kept in mind that you are going to marry a person, not a representative of some country. If family is based on love and understanding, any cultural misunderstanding can be fixed, but if a girl wants to marry only aiming to immigrate, it is a totally different story.

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