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When it comes to Canada, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a country with the largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world. In 2019, there were two significant dates – 128 years since the founding of the first settlement of Ukrainians in this country, and 78 years since the creation of the Congress of Ukrainians in Canada.

In the province of Manitoba, 2016 year was officially approved to be the Year of local Ukrainian culture. It is another recognition of the merits of Ukrainian fellow countrymen in Canada.

The first Ukrainians in Canada were residents of the village Nebedilova (Western Ukraine) – Vasily Yelenyak and Ivan Filipov. The main motive for moving and finding better living conditions across the ocean was that it was easy to get land there. For example, for only $ 10, it was possible to purchase 64 hectares of land.

Over time, a large number of Ukrainians who moved to Canada permanently formed cities and villages with duplicate names of communities, regions, and towns of Ukraine. In addition, nowadays it is possible to find a huge amount of women from Ukraine in Canada. Therefore, in this article, we will describe them and compare with other Canadian women.

It is obvious that each nationality has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Below are the most apparent qualities inherent in Ukrainian girls which put them in the best light. So where to start?


For the most part, Ukrainian girls are many times more open and modest. It is easy to get acquainted with them, communicate and enter into the circle of their friends. Moreover, the level of openness of Ukrainian compatriots is much higher than any American or Canadian. Even if on the street you walk up to a famous actress, model, or simple married woman, you will not get disapproving words or ignored. This is due to the long-established tendency in Ukrainian society, according to which men behave as they please (not always, of course), which is much less often seen in North America.

For comparison, an attempt to meet a young girl in Canada can turn out for her to be awkward and even rude as if you are breaking certain boundaries. They have some “overruns” about the strangers even if they are not bad by themselves and behave very culturally and non-porously. In general, North American women prefer to communicate with a strictly defined circle of people: relatives, friends, colleagues. In Canada, in total, things are better with openness than in the United States. And Ukrainian girls are the best in this.

Clothing style

Ukrainian girls from Canada dress more stylishly, attractively and definitely more feminine than American and Canadians, who prefer convenience and practicality instead of appearance and showiness. Ukrainian girls are better able to pick up clothes and cosmetics. Moreover, the traditional women’s clothing (skirts, high-heeled shoes) are used more often than by American and Canadian women. A substantial part of Ukrainian girls in America will be considered very attractive, while in the United States the ratio is much lower, from which every slim girl is treated like a princess.


Single Ukrainian women from Canada can be considered as very sincere, both in character and in behavior. Communicating with them is a very genuinely honest experience. You do not need any tricks from the arsenal of an alpha male, but you just need to be yourself. As long as you are kind, sincere, decent, and like them, they will communicate with you. Charm is not excessive.

Intellectual development, inner world

Compared to American girls, Ukrainians have much richer intellectual baggage, are more cultured, educated, have a more comprehensive outlook, and often speak several languages. American and Canadian girls sometimes lack curiosity. Because of such circumstances, in America and Canada, it is more difficult to get close to a girl or even to find a common circle of interests.

Variety of interests

Ukrainian girls have an amazing passion for showing interest in many things, which makes them more interesting. They love to discover something new, broaden the range of interests, as well as feel as many varied experiences in life as possible.

Culinary Talents

Every Ukrainian girl gets the ability to cook tasty food since childhood and the saying that the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach has already become the unspoken law of happy family life (even in Canada). But they do not accept critics about their dishes, so it’s best to refrain from commenting if you don’t want to eat only semi-finished products.

Strong character

Girls from Ukraine are usually open and friendly. But if you make her angry, then something terrible may happen. Instead of noisy scandals, they choose the tactics of ignoring, which can last for weeks. It is better not to anger your Ukrainian chosen one. This character is also a cause why American men love Ukrainian girls.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the factors listed above reflect the contrast between Ukrainian girls from Canada and other North American girls, but at the same time are very abstract. Of course, stereotypes in the overwhelming number of cases are stupid, but they get created because of some reasons.

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