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Should I text her or not? At the very beginning of the acquaintance, the initiative of texting belongs to the guy, since he is given an active role in the relationship. He needs to do the first movie to start a relationship with a girl. This means that you can write first to get to know each other, invite a lady to the cinema, initiate the first kiss, and openly show your sympathy. If a relationship has begun, then the activity can be slowed down to make sure that the girl has mutual feelings.

How often should I text her? Remember that for every two steps you take, there must be at least one step from a girl, otherwise, you simply will not allow her to realize and grow sympathy for you.

If you haven’t met in person yet, but just chatted on a dating site or messenger? Did you pay attention to how often she intercepts the initiative in a conversation, is interested in you, and asks questions? If all this is present, then do not worry that the girl does not write you so often, most likely she simply does not want to seem intrusive.

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5 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Text First

“Should I text her or wait?” Do you wonder why she doesn’t text first? This could be for several reasons:

  1. She is spoiled for male attention. It is easy to understand that you are not the only one waiting for her messages: under her photo, there are dozens of likes from other guys.
  2. Should I text her back after she ignored me? She probably doesn’t like you. You are not her type / she did not like to communicate with you or you don’t have common interests. Just accept it and don’t impose on an indifferent girl.
  3. She doesn’t want to seem intrusive. It is easy to understand that the reason for this is that if a girl does not write first, but willingly communicates, then she is simply trying to stay within the framework of the female gender role. In this case, continue communication or call her for a meeting – she will agree.
  4. Should I text her again if she doesn’t reply? You need to wait a little bit. She might be busy. It also happens that a girl doesn’t call or write, because she is preparing for a session, competitions, defending a diploma, or she takes part in numerous courses, works from morning to night, etc. You can understand that this is the case by indirect signs: she is rarely online, does not post anything, communicates only in the evenings or weekends, and complains about being busy.
  5. She likes another guy. Should I text her after a breakup? In that case, no. She may not report this directly, but you will see it by such signs: the girl answers shortly, refuses to meet, does not initiate a conversation, does not like you, and does not even support friendly correspondence.

Should I Text Her First?

You need to write and it is very important to quickly make it clear to a woman that your communication is more than just friendly. It won’t matter at all whether you write first and write often. Talk with her on interesting topics, girls like intelligent boys, she must like to correspond with you. By the way, according to Forbes: boys think they are smarter, but girls work harder and perform better.

If you have the desire and strong feelings you could even say to her “I Love You” for the first time by texting. Show by all means that you always have something to talk about and have a good time.

Why should a guy write first? “Should I text her again?” It is believed that in any relationship between a man and a woman, a guy should take the first steps toward meeting her. Therefore, if a guy writes to a girl first, this is not considered intrusive, on the contrary, it shows that the guy is ready to take the initiative. Girls always wait for the first steps from the guy, that’s why they don’t write first.

“Should I text her before the date?” It depends on your desire, you can write to a girl before a date, this will give you confidence that it will really take place, or you may not write. “Should I text her before calling?” Not necessarily, you can call the girl without SMS and declare your sympathy for her.

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How fast should a guy text after the first date?

“Should I text her after the first date?” As a general rule, a guy should send the first message to a girl within the first 24 hours of the meeting. If he does not write during this time, then the girl begins to have various doubts about their future dates. Therefore, some guys try to send funny text messages about half an hour after they say goodbye. This helps keep the relationship positive and creates a situation where both of you start to connect. Even if the guy does it playfully, then play along and start reciprocating.

“Should I text her after a week of silence?

What was the reason for the long silence? Were you a couple, or just friends? Regardless of the reason why communication has subsided, write first why you have not written to her for so long. After all, the most important thing is that they decided to communicate again. Or were able to find time for it. Sorry for the long silence. “Should I text her I miss her?” Oh sure. Admit that you want to reconnect, that it’s worse without her. But do not immediately burden her with problems, if you have them, you first need to make contact, and then appeal to a friendly shoulder and vest. Ask her questions, and show that you need her more than you might think.

“After a breakup should I text her?” Try to go to her page at all, or send her a “hello” in a message. Has she blocked you already? So in order not to compose a message in vain, find out if you can send it to her at all.

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What to Do If the Girl Stopped Texting You?

Keep everything under control. If the person stopped writing to you first, then you should not worry. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. She is shy because of stereotypes and wants you to make the first move.
  2. She plays with your feelings in a “closer-further” type of technique.
  3. Perhaps she is tired of you and needs a break.

Girl wants space should I text her? Don’t be afraid to take the first step and explore the situation. Try to understand if she is happy with your messages. If not, then just wait a day or two. “Should I text her if she hasn’t texted me?” If she didn’t write it herself, do it again. No reciprocity? Then you have to leave her alone.

Should I Write to Her Every Day?

“Should I text her back?” Not everyone sees this fine line between normal communication and too intrusive communication. Every girl’s understanding can be different. It is easy to scare someone away with excessive attention, while others love it when messages from a potential boyfriend come in all day. Only you can determine how often to write to a girl in contact by observing the reaction. If she answers dryly and briefly, then there is a great chance that she is already tired of you.

  • Maintain a balance of importance. In other words, don’t let her feel like she’s more important to you than you are to her. With such actions, you take the pose of a beggar who is trying to get an unattainable amount by begging for a coin. When should I text her after getting her number? Not right away, pause and make sure that she wants to communicate with you. Let him know that you are confident and have your dignity. If you pay too much attention, then the balance of significant shifts.
  • “Should I text her good morning every day?” Don’t write first so often. Make her miss you. Bring the girl to the peak of interesting communication when she is waiting for your messages. At this point, take a break and let her suffer a little: “When will he write …”. Most likely, she will give up by the evening of the next day, or even earlier. If she does not write, then you will have to do it first.
  • “What should I text her in the morning”? Write her good morning wishes, ask her how she slept, but don’t be too intrusive.
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Should I Text Her Goodnight Every Night?

How is a text sent before bed different from a text written at any other time of the day? There are three key points and now we will show them to you:

  1. Firstly, you probably know that the first and last tender words spoken are best remembered. It’s the same here: having finished the dialogue on a certain note, you literally “put” this message into the girl’s head. 
  2. Secondly, affectionate words before going to bed sound special because of that very mysterious nighttime atmosphere. Darkness, silence, the feeling that you are alone in the whole world… “When should I text her?” In the evening and at night, any conversations from ordinary ones turn into those that are remembered for a long time. “How often should I text her without seeming desperate?” Write to her if you feel reciprocity, at least every day.
  3. Thirdly, the girl will fall asleep thinking about what you said to her, which means that the likelihood of appearing in her dreams increases significantly.

“What should I text her?” Here are a few SMS that you can send to a girl before finishing the dialog:

  • I’m sure when you sleep, you look even cuter than usual. I would like to be there and protect your sleep so that you only have the most pleasant dreams and you are always safe.
  • Always wanted to tell you that you are incredibly beautiful. Admit it, do you connect to some device in your sleep? Otherwise, I can not explain why you are becoming more beautiful every day.
  • You know, I would like not only to pleasantly wish you sweet dreams but also to say that you are a special girl. Before you, I have never met such a perfect girl, and now I know for sure that feelings exist.

Final Word

There is no answer to the question: “How ​​often should I text her before the first date?” Write to her according to your feelings and desires. If a girl is interested in you, you can write to her often. But if you do not see interest on her part, think about whether you should communicate with her.

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